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Web browsers are the most used online tools today. It is thus no wonder that the brains behind them work unceasingly to tweak their... The Future Of Web Browsers: Gesture Control?

Web browsers are the most used online tools today. It is thus no wonder that the brains behind them work unceasingly to tweak their creations in an effort to stay on top of the game. We’ve gone a long way from Netscape, and while there are only a handful of web browsers that lead the pack, there are more than enough choices for those who have very specific preferences.

Web browsers gesture control

Gesture control

As web browser creators try to edge out their competitions, they are getting more and more creative as to what features to include. Now, it seems like we might be seeing gesture-controlled web browsers in the near future.

John Koetsier of Venture Beat shares some inside information from Google. If things go as planned, we might be able to browse the web simply by moving our eyes or making specific gestures with our hands. The former excites me. The latter makes me think of looking like a moron.

The underlying idea is exciting. No doubt about it. We already know how ingenious the Google guys are, with their tireless efforts at Chrome Experiments – among other things.

So basically, with the use of cameras – which are default features of laptops and mobile devices today – developers can integrate eye movements or the tilt of your head perhaps to initiate an action on the web browser. Sounds like the dream of lazy computer users, doesn’t it?

gresture control

Gesture control – science fiction or the future of web browsing?

On a practical note, this is also going to be a heaven-sent for people with disabilities who may not be able to fully utilize the keyboard and/or mouse.

It might take some months, maybe a year (or even more), before this technology becomes widely available. Some tests have shown that the system takes a toll on hardware, although we know how fast that sector is developing. One can barely keep up with bumped up devices coming out every time you turn around!

What makes this development particularly interesting is that it isn’t a million miles away from one of Google’s notorious April fools videos released in 2011 (see below). I wonder what made them take a second look at the idea and realise it might actually have legs?

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet that we’ll be seeing people gesticulating to themselves in front of their devices everywhere before 2014. If the world doesn’t end next month.

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