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With the Presidential Election well and truly over and the effects of Sandy realized the focus of the trending videos this week shifted to... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

With the Presidential Election well and truly over and the effects of Sandy realized the focus of the trending videos this week shifted to some usual suspects. The top 5 videos this week are diverse and feature among them a racy video from a global music superstar, a CNN News Anchor in a war zone and vampires (not quite). Without further ado, here are this week’s top 5 trending videos.

Lady Gaga Offers a Slice of ‘Cake’

Ever since bursting on to the music scene Lady Gaga has been the epicenter of media attention. This time around, she is hogging the limelight for a racy new video for her song ‘Cake’. The video has been shot by Terry Richardson and has been attracting attention for its sexiness. This week, Lady Gaga released the second teaser for the video. The preview is enough for viewers to discern its overtly sexual nature. Aptly named Terry Richard XX Lady Gaga, the new teaser along with the one released last week is bound to create interest among the singer’s fans.

Anderson Cooper Shaken by Explosion

Anderson Cooper is one of the most widely known news anchors on CNN, particularly for his show Anderson Cooper 360p. This week, Cooper makes the list by virtue of a shocking video caught live on TV. In the video, Cooper is seen reporting from Gaza, commenting on the ongoing crisis and war in the Middle East. During the broadcast, a bomb exploded near Anderson and was caught by the cameras. Though the distance was not specified, the sound of the explosion is clearly audible in the video clip.

 Jamie Sadlowski Smashes Simulator on Golf Channel

Jamie Sadlowski is well-known in golfing circles as a long drive expert. So, he would be the obvious candidate for trying out Golf Channel’s simulator live on TV. That’s what Sadlowski was called to do but he ended up smashing the netting on the simulator, leaving it with a hole in the middle. The ball landed on the other side of the screen, showing how great Sadlowski is at hitting a long drive with power.

Robert Pattinson is Happy ‘Twilight is Over’

Even though he is the lead character of a multi-billion dollar grossing series, Robert Pattinson hasn’t exactly been a vocal fan of the Twilight movie series. Now with the last movie in the series out in theatres, a video has gone viral featuring clips of Pattinson interviews since the first Twilight movie released. The clips have been combined to show that Pattinson has never felt too good about his role in the series and the ending has him saying that he is happy it’s over. A must watch for all Twihards.

MC Hammer Goes Gangnam Style

No one can stop PSY’s hot streak, or so it seems. The latest in a long line of celebs to try the dance move is rapper MC Hammer. Hammer performed with the Korean rapper in the finale of the American Music Awards, the duo performing a mash-up of PSY’s Gangnam Style and Hammer’s 1991 hit Too Legit to Quit.  Not surprisingly, their performance brought the house down. For those who didn’t catch the awards show took to YouTube to watch the video of the two performing. You can safely add MC Hammer’s name to the growing list of people PSY has going Gangnam Style!

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos


This week’s top 5 trending videos are an eclectic bunch for show. It is not often that you have global pop phenomena, bomb blasts, a golfing champ and a movie star on the same list. Enjoy watching these videos for now!


[Images via golfchannel and newswhip]