Just one month after operating system leader Scott Forstall made an exit, Richard Williamson also leaves. He was the Maps chief and was in hot water after the intense criticism the app received from reviewers and users alike.

Apple With More Organizational Changes


According to Bloomberg News, senior vice president at Apple, Eddy Cue, fired Williamson. While removing executives won’t fix Apple’s Map issue, he was seen as the person responsible for the program and therefore, many of the problems.

The complaints about the app from users have ranged from misplaced landmarks, a lack of public transit information, and incorrect streets and incomplete directions. What made the issue even bigger is that Apple had decided to discontinue using Google Maps in favor of its own app design.

While Apple has been working on a fix, many experts say it will take a long time for it to come close to what Google offers. Google has spent years perfecting its own design to get it to where it is today.

Cue is now the one in charge to improve the app as quickly as possible. Reports say that he is working with people outside of Apple who are experts in this field. It has also been indicated that he is encouraging TomTom to fix their issues with the landmarks and navigation problems.  TomTom provided the data for the app, but they say they issue resides with Apple and not them.

Cue has worked with Apple for several years as the overseer of iTunes and iCloud services, but was given an expanded role after Forstall’s departure. Besides taking over iOS Maps, he is also in charge of Siri software.

Williamson had also been a long-time employee with Apple, working for over 10 years and at NeXT computer with Steve Jobs prior to that.

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