Apple could release its fifth-generation iPad as early as March 2013 according to a new rumor that spread through the interwebs like wildfire on Monday. According to the rumor, which surfaced with only a few details, the fifth-generation iPad will be fashioned after the iPad Mini.

The device will come equipped with a smaller width and will weigh less than former Apple iPad devices.

The third and fourth-generation iPad devices were actually thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 as they sacrificed size for new pieces of technology.

Fifth-Generation iPad Rumored For March Release

How close will Pixar’s vision of a future tablet be to the iPad 5?


If the rumor is correct Apple would be preparing to launched the fifth-generation iPad at a much faster rate than it did when moving from the third-gen model to the fourth-gen model. However, the move to push out its next tablet from a competition standpoint would make sense. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 10 both recently released to much fanfare, devices that have likely eaten into the Apple iPad’s sales. By pushing up its release schedule Apple can once again claim to have the “next greatest tablet” on the market, while making the Nexus 10 and Fire HD models seem aged out of the market.

Apple hasn’t offered any huge updates to its full-sized tablet line since releasing the third-gen model. The biggest changes to the iPad 4 were a Lightning connector ans a faster processor. The iPad 4 also received better wireless support, a sticking point for many iPad 3 users.

If the iPad 5 rumors are correct and it follows the same concept as the iPad Mini, users are likely to see different edges and perhaps a change in coloring on both the front and backside of the device.

Apple is remaining as tight-lipped as ever regarding the devices details and news of a possible March 2013 release schedule.

Will you be picking up a fifth-generation iPad when it finally arrives?

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