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The Apple vs. Samsung saga shows no signs of slowing down. Most experts felt that the case was closed when a billion-dollar fine was... Judge Turns down Apple’s Demand to Ban Samsung Devices

The Apple vs. Samsung saga shows no signs of slowing down. Most experts felt that the case was closed when a billion-dollar fine was levied on Samsung, but the two parties are still going at it. The latest development in this historic case is that a judge turned down Apple’s demand to have some of Samsung’s devices banned in the US. The devices in question are ones in which Apple alleges Samsung has violated their patents and copyrights.

Apple’s Request after Jury Ruling

The case has been going on for the best part of this year. When it started, the jury ruled that some of Samsung’s devices were infringing Apple’s patents and copyrights. Taking that into account, Apple started pushing for a ban on those devices. As things stand, the judge presiding over the case has turned down their request. It will come as good news for Samsung as the company has been under fire ever since it was found guilty of patent infringement.

It made sense for the tech giant to move ahead with a request for banning Samsung’s devices once the decision had gone in their favor. Obviously, if users were able to find the same features they did on Apple devices on Samsung products as well, it would affect Apple’s sales. Also, it would provide an unfair edge to Samsung and their sales could get a boost at Apple’s expense.

Judge States Infringements Does Not Affect Apple Sales

The grounds for the judge’s denial of Apple’s request is that there is insufficient evidence as to prove that the suspected patent infringement done by Samsung had indeed affected Apple’s sales negatively. Some industry insiders had already speculated that Apple would fail to get Samsung’s products banned because the company is appealing the original decision. Until a final judgment is made regarding Samsung’s fine, Apple would have a hard time getting any decision passed in their favor.

Considering the range of Samsung devices Apple asked to be banned for sale, only some carried features which directly competed with those available in Apple devices. So, the judge in all likelihood made the right decision. Since only a few features were in question, banning a number of devices would have been unfair to Samsung. Already the judge is having a hard time balancing the demands of both companies. Avoiding further controversy is the way to go.

Is Apple Losing the Case?

The latest judgment begs the question: is Apple going to lose the case. Samsung has appealed the monetary fine levied on them and as things are going, it seems like they would be able to have it overturned or at least reduces considerably. This is the second time in recent weeks that Apple has lost out to Samsung in court. It comes in the wake of a ruling by a UK court that Samsung had not infringed Apple’s patents.

For now, Apple has to find a way to compete with Samsung’s products as they aren’t getting banned. With the holiday season coming up, both companies would to better to focus on boosting sales rather than handling the case.


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