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How do you deal with buying gifts for friends and family members? Are you the kind of gifter that goes all out to find... JustBecause: Gifting From The Hottest Startup

How do you deal with buying gifts for friends and family members? Are you the kind of gifter that goes all out to find the perfect gift that will make the recipient happy? Or do you simply get the most convenient gift you can find? Whichever group you belong to, there is something that you might want to know about since Christmas is around the corner.

JustBecause: Gifting From The Hottest Startups

There’s a new app called JustBecause, which taps into the immense amount of creativity to be found in the startup scene. If you are not too interested in this scene, but you are always open to discovering new inventions and creations, then you might want to get started on following what startups around the world are up to. There is a lot to be discovered!

JustBecause helps you become familiar with what some startups are doing, and it also helps you find unique gifts for practically everyone in your circle.

The basic idea is this: find gifts that startups have created and pay only $1. The price is the same across the board, although the actual value of your gift may be anywhere from $10 to $100!

It’s all about the product!

Giving gifts goes way beyond the item, to be sure. That’s why we have the oft-repeated statement, “It’s the thought that counts.” With JustBecause, however, the focus is shifted from the gift-giving or the occasion to the product itself. As the name says, you give gifts JustBecause. And that includes the “coincidence” that the holiday season is coming up.

Founder Matthew Hartman sums it up very nicely.

“I think the key difference here is that we start with the gift, not with the friend. Instead of saying ‘It’s so-and-so’s birthday, you should send them a gift,’ we flip it around and say ‘Here’s an awesome new product or service, who do you think would really like it?’”

How to get your hands on JustBecause

Even if you’re rather skeptical at this point, I think it’s worth a try. You’re not going to lose anything anyway. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can get the JustBecause app. I think that you’ll be addicted to giving useful and unique gifts pretty soon.


[Image via JustBecause]