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Microsoft has spent the best part of this year trying to build support for Windows 8 and to enhance its acceptance. While users have... Microsoft Helps Businesses Select Best Windows 8 Devices

Microsoft has spent the best part of this year trying to build support for Windows 8 and to enhance its acceptance. While users have responded to the new operating system, Microsoft wants business owners to show the same kind of enthusiasm for Windows 8 devices. The dynamics of running a business have become closely integrated with constant internet usage and the devices provide them just that. Yet, the stiff competition from Apple and Samsung has made it difficult for them to convince people to buy.

Microsoft Helps Businesses Select Best Windows 8 Devices

It is understandable that Windows 8 is a relatively new OS and would take some time to build credibility and wide acceptance. Expecting that it would fly out of the blocks just because it carries the Microsoft tag is too much. The phone makers have an iron grip on their market shares and aren’t going to concede so easily. In a move to get business owners to buy Windows 8 devices, Microsoft has offered a few guidelines which can be used by them to make a decision.

Volume of Work

The amount of work done using a device varies from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Some of them use their smartphone or tablet very much during the work hours while others stick to the more conventional methods. Depending on the volume of work, entrepreneurs can purchase a tablet which runs on an Intel Core Processor. They are speedy and can store larger amounts of data.

On the Go

If the nature of your work requires extensive travelling whether in or out of town, you need to have a portable device which is easier to carry. For that, you can opt for the RT Tablets or the tablets which have an Intel Atom Processor. They are considered to be the lightest among the new Windows 8 devices launched.

Network Connectivity

Network connectivity is a need for 99% of entrepreneurs. They have to connect the device they are using with the office’s network. For that, you need to have a device which can connect easily and the connection is stable. For that, the ideal devices are the ones using Intel Processors and have Windows 8 Enterprise pre-installed.

Standby Connectivity

The connection between your device and the network can break down when you leave it idle for a length of time. In that case, reconnecting can be a major hassle you would have to bear. To avoid any such situations, seek devices which offer standby connectivity so that you stay connected even when you are not using the device.


Perhaps the most important consideration you have to make when selecting a device is security. You need to be sure your device is safe from malware and unwanted intruders. For that, you should ask the vendor to describe to you the security features of any Windows 8 device you are interested in. You also have to keep your files and documents secure to ensure there is no loss of data or records pertaining to your business are retrieved by unauthorized personnel.

You can use these guidelines to select the best Windows 8 device for your business.


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