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Samsung continues its run as one of the leading tablet makers in the world after the Korean company announced it has sold 5 million...

Samsung continues its run as one of the leading tablet makers in the world after the Korean company announced it has sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II in just two months. A statement from the firm stated that the phablet has been performing as per expectations and was riding the momentum generated by strong early sales. In the first month, the device managed to sell three million units, with a further two million sold in the previous month.

Samsung's Galaxy Note II Sells 5 Million Units in 2 Months

Outselling the Original Galaxy Note

It is great news for Samsung, a company desperately in need of some. Ever since the Apple lawsuit, the skeptics and critics have been louder than ever, looking for the next excuse to pan the company. The latest sales report will quell their doubts to a great extent. The Galaxy Note II is selling around three times as fast as its predecessor, the original Galaxy Note. That tablet had managed to reach the three million mark in three months, as opposed to just one month for the second generation phablet.

Samsung Eyeing 20 Million Units Sold

While the Galaxy Note managed to sell 10 million units in all, Samsung has stated the Galaxy Note II is on course to double that number. With five million units already sold, the tablet needs a sustained run of a few months. It would definitely receive a boost during the holiday season where the sale of smartphones and tablets is on the rise. Samsung has partnered with over 250 carries spread throughout the world for selling the Galaxy Note II, ensuring maximum possible reach.

Galaxy S3 Crosses 30 Million Mark

It may be some time before the Galaxy Note II manages to rake in sales exceeding 20 million units but the smartphone Galaxy S3 is already there. The company has reported that the smartphone took a mere 100 days to sell 20 million units and has already sailed past 30 million. Despite strong competition from the new iPhone, the Galaxy S3 is holding its own.

With new tablets and smartphones announced every month or so, the leading companies face more competition than ever. The latest sales news would provide some relief to Samsung for the time being. If the sales carry on at this pace over the next year, the Korean tech giant could be a larger threat to Apple’s dominance than it is now.

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