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This week’s top 5 trending videos feature an eclectic bunch. From a movie star singing Christmas carols on late night TV to the premiere... The Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

This week’s top 5 trending videos feature an eclectic bunch. From a movie star singing Christmas carols on late night TV to the premiere of a new no-budget film to what the world searched for in 2012, this week’s lineup is diverse and gives you plenty of options to check out. Without further ado, here are this week’s top 5 trending videos.

Your Flight is Cancelled

The usual reaction of a person to a flight getting cancelled is one of frustration and anger. But, that is not the case if you are part of a dance group. The dance group named Justin Bieber Dancers got stranded on the Atlanta airport after their flight to Washington got cancelled. Instead of sitting and complaining about it, the group put on a spontaneous performance. The video has since gone viral and has redefined waiting for a flight.

Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon Mad Lib Christmas Carols

With her new movie due to release soon, Anne Hathaway made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. In an interesting segment, the two got up to sing Christmas carols but mixing them up with Mad Libs. The audience came up with some hilarious lines for the duo to include in the carols. The pick of the lot has to be ‘Goat Cheese Balls’. It is a fun video to watch, combining the holiday spirit with playfulness. It also gives you a great idea for a game to play on a Christmas party.

The Killers Launch Miss Atomic Bomb Video

The Killers have launched a new video for their single Miss Atomic Bomb. Fans of the band would have seen the first video in which the band is performing the song. This one is an animated video which is epic in every sense of the word. Some critics had commented that the song deserved a better video than a mere performance and the band has obliged. Labeled by many to be the best song of 2012, the video will help make Miss Atomic Bomb more popular.

Mario Warfare Episode 1 Released

A few months back, the trailer for Mario Warfare was launched. Anticipation had been high for the small-scale movie based on the video game character but with a touch of grit and violence. Finally, the first episode of the film was launched online. After months of speculation, the film has finally seen the light of day and will surely meet your expectations. You can check out the trailer and the entire movie online. A second episode will be released soon.

Mario Warfare Episode 1 Released

What the World Searched For

Google’s annual Zeitgeist took on video form as the company created a clip featuring the most searched for terms on the internet around the world in 2012. The video has already been seen by millions and the number keeps increasing. Most of the people, events and places covered in the video are ones you would expect to see. The list is headed by Whitney Houston who passed away this year. Not far behind is Korean sensation PSY, Kate Middleton, Skyfall and the London Olympics.


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