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This week’s videos are exclusively from the entertainment industry. Where one features the latest genre music mash-up, another unveils the first look of the... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

This week’s videos are exclusively from the entertainment industry. Where one features the latest genre music mash-up, another unveils the first look of the next season of a popular TV show. With Christmas less than a month away, there is some yuletide offering here as well. Let’s look at this week’s top 5 trending videos. and Britney ‘Scream and Shout’ and Britney Spears unveiled the video for their new single titled ‘Scream and Shout’. The single has already found its way to No.1 on iTunes and the video has gone viral big time. While the song itself isn’t going to win them awards for quality, the video is well-made and interesting to watch. It is a fun dance track, guaranteed to become a rage on the dance floors in the coming days. Watch it for Britney’s dance routine and her British accent if for nothing else.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Game of Thrones Season 3’

‘Game of Thrones’ is without a doubt one of the most popular TV shows at the moment. With the second season a raging success, the creators of the show have unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at season 3. Already, the creators are claiming this is going to be the best season so far. The teaser for the next season lives up to their claim as it will make you pause at least twice. It is a must-watch if you are a regular viewer. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, this teaser might just convince you!

‘We Are Coming Undone’:  Taylor Swift vs. Korn

You would have gotten used to seeing the genre mash-ups mixing up songs from different artists. This week’s mash-up brings together pop star Taylor Swift and rockers Korn. While Swift is known for singing soft romantic songs, Korn’s music is hard and adult in terms of content. The video features a mix of Taylor Swift’s song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and Korn’s ‘Coming Undone’. Titled ‘We Are Coming Undone’, it has the potential to become a guilty pleasure for many viewers.

‘A Christmas Carol’ Adidas Style

In one of the most interesting takes on Charles Dickens’ classic story ‘A Christmas Carol’ leading sportswear brand Adidas has created a video featuring a number of its brand ambassadors. The video features hip-hop artist and rapper Snoop Dogg as the lead character Ebenezer Scoop. Throughout the video he is joined by David Beckham, Derrick Rose, Stan Smith, Andy Murray, Yohan Blake and others. ‘The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop’ surely makes for an interesting watch.

Classic Films Featuring Nicolas Cage Cameos

This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

“Why wasn’t I in that film?”


Perhaps the funniest video to go viral this week is one which puts Nicolas Cage in several classic movies. A user has inserted Nic Cage in movies such as ‘Gone with the Wind’ and a James Bond flick. You will be doubled up in laughter as you seen Cage mouthing lines from his films in scenes from the classic films, which also include a Clint Eastwood western. This one is a must-watch, but beware there is some foul language in this clip.


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