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YouStand is not the place to go for a heated debate; however, it is the perfect site to visit when you want to meet... YouStand: Discover & Share What You Stand For

YouStand is not the place to go for a heated debate; however, it is the perfect site to visit when you want to meet others who agree with you.  The website allows you to talk about pretty much any subject with people who have similar interests and opinions as you.

YouStand: When You Want a Conversation about Politics or Religion


Certain subjects are off-limits when you want to keep your relationships with your friends.   Nevertheless, many people enjoy talking on controversial topics.  YouStand allows you that chance without isolating people in your everyday life.

Talking Politics

The site is neither conservative nor liberal, Democrat or Republican, but it allows people of all beliefs to interact with others who share their views.  It asks new members questions on popular topics to determine where they stand on certain issues to group them with others who lean the same way.

Articles are included around the site as a great conversation starter for different groups.  You can also create a cause from various platforms.


Many people do not agree with the labels completely, but that is because many of the questions are not as simple to answer as they might seem.  However, the goal of the questionnaire is to get people of similar opinions together in the same group.  For this purpose, the site appears to be a success.  As the site gains more members, it will add new features such as digest emails to update the person on the conversations in their group.

This site provides an outlet to people who enjoy talking about these topics without posting it in the mainstream.  With sites like Facebook, people may get unfriended because they express an opinion that others didn’t like.  Sites like YouStand are the better place to announce their beliefs without offending others.  It also provides them an opportunity to express how they feel without putting it in the mainstream social media.

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