Google is completely revamping their image.  Their image search, that is.  If you’ve ever used this popular searching tool, then you know that works by quickly yielding results to an inquiry in the form of multiple thumbnail images.

In the current Google image search format, the images are all arranged in a grid, on a single page.  If you want more information about any particular image, you need to hover your cursor over the image, at which point you can see information about the image, such as the title of the page that hosts the image.  Then if you want to see the image in a larger format, you have to click on the image.  Finally, if you would like to visit the site that displays the image, you must click on the image again.  That is certainly a lot of clicking.  Perhaps that is why Google has decided to streamline the entire process.

Now, in the new version, when you search for an image the image results will be displayed in an inline panel.  Within the panel, there will be one image, prominently displayed, and framed by smaller images, both above and below the main image.  You can then browse through the images simply by using your keyboard.

Also, there will be no more clicking to get more information about the picture.  You will be able to see the image information directly below the image.  The host site, domain name, and image size will all be featured prominently.  Google has indicated that the changes were made in response to feedback they received both from users and from webmasters.

According to Google, the redesign will allow for a better search experience by providing faster and more reliable results for the user.  This new version also looks to be much more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor, perhaps an important trait for an image search.


[Image via pcworld]