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LG has recently unveiled LG Optimus G Pro. The powerhouse smartphone is set to be released in Japan this April. It is being speculated... LG Optimus G Pro Phone Unveiled

LG has recently unveiled LG Optimus G Pro. The powerhouse smartphone is set to be released in Japan this April. It is being speculated that it will be globally released shortly thereafter, but nothing has yet been announced in this regard. The LG Optimus G was well received by smartphone consumers last summer, and the Optimus G Pro is a massive improvement. Let us have a quick look at its features:

  1. 5 inch touch-screen with 1920×1080 resolution
  2. Full HD support (up to 1080p)
  3. 440 pixel per inch display
  4. A 13 mega pixel camera
  5. 1.7 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon processor
  6. 2 GB RAM
  7. 3000 mAh battery
  8. 32GB built-in memory with microSDXC (that can be expanded up to 2TB)
  9. Android Jelly Bean
  10. Support for 4G LTE

The smartphone industry has seen the unveiling of one highly powered phone after another, but this has to rank among the most buffed up phones out there. If you check out the RAM, the processing capability, and the screen resolution alone, the LG Optimus G Pro appears to be an extremely powerful device.

It is being argued by some critics that the market for high powered devices is reaching a saturation point. However, if you look at sales numbers from Samsung, LG, Sony, and several other smartphone providers, it seems that there is still a market demand to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Apple faces tougher competition and their stock prices are still volatile.

Apple initially laid claim to all similar devices and filed lawsuit after lawsuit against what they considered copy-cats. That strategy did not seem to discourage anyone from creating their own smartphone products. The LG Optimus Pro G can give most Apple products a run for their money, and is bound to secure a respectable global market share. It seems as if Apple will have to pull a rabbit out of their hat as soon as possible, otherwise the market will be overrun by competitors.

With so many awesome features, the high powered LG Optimus Pro G is much awaited in western markets but no definite date has been announced for its public release in the West. The unveiling has setup the market perfectly, and many potential buyers are eager to get their hands on the new smartphone. We will do another story on this product as soon as it is released.


[Image via engadget]