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When two bull elephants challenge each other, they tend to throw their weight around, lock tusks and battle it out till there is one... Samsung and Apple Blamed for ‘Awful’ HTC Earnings

When two bull elephants challenge each other, they tend to throw their weight around, lock tusks and battle it out till there is one victor. Until the outcome of the furious skirmish, the others have to stay on their toes and either run out of the way or get crushed between the two giants.

This rule of Nature seems to have passed down to human society and their dealings and is evident in the market. The biggest example can be seen among the latest mobile market trends when HTC showed its earnings for the fourth quarter which showed the amount of loss the company was facing and could only be summed as ‘awful’.

Samsung and Apple Responsible for 'Awful' HTC 4th Quarter Earnings

The little Taiwan based company is feeling the squeeze and it’s been caused by the rivalry between Samsung and Apple. The two giants have been throwing their weight around and locking tusks by releasing touch screen phones that are far superior in quality to the rest of the market in a bid to win one over the other. Regrettably, in this blind power race, the two companies have managed to wreak havoc in the market that has eliminated or nullified the threat of most of their competitors.

With the launch of the iPhone 5 and the latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy Series like the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S III, consumers, critics and other competitors were left spell bound and enchanted with the functionality of the devices and the technology used. Unfortunately, little old HTC was unable to garner the same amount of attention from the masses with their phones.

The fact that Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III not only represent the company but are held as the bench mark of excellence that is followed for all touch screen phones make the HTC phones lack luster in the eyes of the market.

Unfortunately, HTC’s problems are not all bound to the lack of a widely popular phone. With consumers flocking to retail stores and sellers because of Samsung and Apple products, HTC is finding it hard to find retailers that are willing provide premium displays for their phones. Carriers are also turning their back on HTC phones due to the lack of a phone that can rival the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S III in popularity and demand.

Based on the lack of media exposure and lack of demand, the sales of HTC touch screen phones have been dropping and shown a drastic decrease in profits. With a 4th quarter showing no profits, the threat and demeanor of HTC as a competitor in the mobile market has drastically decreased.

Along with many others, it seems like HTC is in line to join the list of the army of the dead smart phone companies who have been crushed in the path of Apple and Samsung in the past year. With the list growing longer and longer it seems eminent that Apple and Samsung will be giving a lot more businesses a run for their money.


[Image via androidauthority]