Twitter has now launched their distinctive new video app, the Vine. While being compared to existing apps such as Instagram and YouTube, the Vine app takes video sharing into a new realm. The videos, complete with audio, are created exclusively on iOS devices and max out at only 6 seconds.

Making Miniature Movies

Creating videos with Vine is rather simple. Although the time allotted for the video is extremely limited, users are still able to create a number of scenes. When recording, you will be viewing a progress bar which allows you to see how much remaining time is available. Then, you simply touch and hold your finger on the screen of the device, and release to stop the scene. Continue this process until you have used up the available time. The final product is a short looping video, like a living flip book with sound.

One thing to keep in mind while recording is the audio. This feature is quite valuable, though it could become an annoyance when trying to film in a loud setting. So, to get the most out of the audio feature, it’s best to find a quiet place to record.

Using Vine

Users will sign in with Vine by connecting through Twitter or entering an email address. Once linked, you will receive a feed of videos including editor’s picks and videos posted by those you follow. The apps interface is set to auto play the videos with sound for an instant viewing experience.

Vine’s explore tab lets you browse by categories such as editor’s picks, what’s popular, or more specific groups like food, pets, and sports. Below each video you can read comments and have the option to like it or leave your own comments.

Another essential feature is the Active tab. This will track your comments and show comments made by your followers.

The Profile tab lets you view all of your personal videos and those you have liked. Also under the profile tab, you can find and add people in your social networks, fill out your bio, and control your settings.

The emergence of Vine encourages a whole new level of social networking creativity. However, the app has been taken down until some issues have been worked out with adult videos. Once that has been taken care of,fans of Vine can try it out again.

[Image via internet.wonderhowto]