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The wait is over for iOS 6.1 users. If you own a device which runs on iOS 6.1, the jailbreak tool for unlocking it... Evasion iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Tool Released

The wait is over for iOS 6.1 users. If you own a device which runs on iOS 6.1, the jailbreak tool for unlocking it has finally been released by Evasion. Now, you can use services and apps beyond the ones offered by Apple and other compatible platforms. Jailbreaking has become a popular practice over the years, particularly for people looking to use a wide range of features and apps on their devices. This is most often the case with Apple’s devices with a majority of the users opting for a jailbreak.

Evasion iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Tool Released

iPhone 5 Users Get Out of Jail

The most excited group after hearing the news is the people who have purchased the new iPhone 5. It is so far the only version of the iPhone without a jailbreak but that has changed. Evasion promised an iOS 6.1 jailbreak tool and they have delivered on their promise. The usual rules still apply, meaning you would have to create a backup for the data you have saved on your iOS 6.1 devices. Loss of data is one of the common side effects of Jailbreaking and a backup of the content on your device can save you.

Jailbreaking is Legal

Despite many cynics and critics commenting on the legality of jailbreaking, the law clearly states that it is legal. You can jailbreak your iPhone 5 or any other iOS 6.1 device without fearing any legal ramifications. The worst case scenario which occurs is that your device loses its warranty. Apple has made it clear that it isn’t going to cover devices which have been jailbroken. However, there is a way to get around that as well. You simply have to connect your device to iTunes and restore it. It goes back to the way it was!

A Wider Range of Apps to Choose for You

The biggest benefit of jailbreaking your device is that you can use a wider range of apps on it. You are no longer restricted to the App Store and related third-party apps. You can download apps from other resources, even open source platforms. This way, you can customize your device to function the way you want. Having paid Apple so much to buy the device, it is only right that you are allowed to use it the way you want and enhance your experience by having clear access to a wider range of apps you can use.


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