What do you do with all those Instagram photos that you upload? Digital photography sure has changed our habits drastically, but it does not mean that photo prints are out of the picture. In fact, photo printing services continue to enjoy good business, simply because we still tend to look for something tangible – more than simply sharing photos online. And it would be such a pity not to display those wonderfully filtered Instagram photos, wouldn’t it?


There are already several services offering the printing of Instagram photos. Not only do they offer options about the material where the photos are printed, but they also offer various products such as calendars and stickers, as well as photobooks.


So what can a newcomer do in this scene?

How about offering materials such as wood and acrylic? Forget the usual photo paper or canvas background. Wood and acrylic give you something more to talk about and admire!

That’s what InstaThisis offering avid Instagram users.


The main selling point – the choice of materials – makes sense for people who want more texture and artistry in their prints. With either acrylic or wood, the lifespan of the prints should also be longer.

How much will it set you back?
You would think that this service will be more expensive than its counterparts, but at $60 for a 12×12 wood print, InstaThis is actually cheaper! They also go down the discount route by lowering the prices for more prints. This makes for an attractive deal, since the chances are that you would want several prints to display rather than a single photo.

How do you get started?
I wouldn’t be surprised if you have quite a handful of Instagram photos that you want to print out. For those special photos that you want to be immortalized in wood or acrylic, InstaThis is a very attractive option. You simply have to visit their web site, link your Instagram account, and follow the simple instructions.

[Images via InstaThis]