Twitter’s new mobile video app, Vine has been getting a lot of attention since its release, a little over a week ago.

Vine’s recent buzz

First, the video sharing app gained acknowledgement for the launch of their unique, 6 second looping videos. Just days after release, Vine was already reaching popularity, even above Instagram and Snapchat, and ranked among the top five free apps in Apples Us App Store. However, its high ranking dropped down to the top 50 shortly after, which may be due to this next fact.
Vine was then under speculation and temporarily shut down while dealing with uncensored adult content issues. An accidental Editor’s pick, depicting pornography, was posted with only a vague content warning which resulted in the changing of the age rating of the app to 17+.

Major Brands Shrink and Loop Their Ad Space on Vine

Profit generating abilities

But regardless of the initial problems, it appears Vine is now gaining the interest of popular brands, eager to share their advertising skills in 6 second looping commercials. Familiar Brands like General Electric, Gap, Asos, and Malibu are the first to take this fresh approach to advertising through Twitter.

The companies have taken notice of Vines’ ability to create mobile device compatible, visual story-telling in a speedy, streaming format and recognize the marketing advantages this could give bring. These highly established businesses also realize that with today’s super speed comes super short attention spans, and that they must adjust their advertising strategies accordingly.

Because Twitter has always been a purely text driven social media network, the site, until recently, has been limited in its ads’ visual appeal. Although it is unknown at this point, how long the hype from both the consumers and the brands will last; Vine is quickly becoming a vital asset to the site and will most likely lead to creating a larger and more diverse user base and generating more revenue.

[Image via tech]