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The End Of The Vine…
Well that’s that then, it’s official, Twitter is Vinally ending its popular video looping app, Vine. It was the Vinest of time, it was the worst of times… Vine, which Twitter,  the social media company bought for a guesstimated $30 million in 2012 that plays 6 second loops in... Read more
YouTube To Unveil App For Kids’ Viewing
YouTube is an amazing innovation, and has become firmly embedded in our culture. Whether it’s cats playing the keyboard or a Khan Academy video explaining advanced calculus, the Google-owned video channel can provide just about anything you need to see. But one of the great equalizing features of YouTube... Read more
Twitter Launches Vine for Kids
Micro blogging site Twitter, has just launched a new version of their Vine video-sharing app. This time it is aimed squarely at children. The Vine Kids app promises to filter out any inappropriate content. Vine Kids has initially launched for iOS  and it will provide a feed of “hand-selected”... Read more
Facebook Looking to Battle YouTube in the Social Video Space‏
Facebook placed a big bet on video and mobile revenue in 2013, looking to change the way users on the social network interact and upload. The new auto-play silent videos have been a big hit and viral content has started spawning on Facebook, instead of YouTube or Vine. This... Read more
Watch This Poor Dad’s Hilarious Vine Videos
I can pretty much guarantee that every parent out there can relate to Tony Serafini, or Bottlerocket as he is known on Vine. He regularly shares short videos, most of which include the humourous antics of his family; in particular the eventful Saturday mornings spent with his pop-obsessed daughter.... Read more
Twitter Adds Messaging To Vine Video App
Twitter has said that users of its Vine video app are now able to send their contacts private videos and other messages.  This is a clear indication that they are stepping up competition with Facebook in the mobile-messaging market. The new introduction means that Twitter and Facebook both now... Read more
Twitter Launches Vine for Windows Phone
Windows Phone users can finally capture those all important moments, in six-second bursts, as Vine for Windows Phone has finally been rolled out.  In a similar manner to the Android and iOS apps, Windows Phone users can just tap and hold the screen to begin filming a short video... Read more
Windows Phone 8 to Get Vine, Path & Flipboard
Windows users have a lot to look forward to these days. Not too long ago, Nokia unveiled its new high end phone the Lumia 1020, which has a ridiculously high resolution camera. While it probably won’t be the go-to phone of the average Windows Phone user, the device will... Read more
Is Instagram Video Going To Kill Vine?
So everyone who said that the Facebook event was going to be all about Instagram video was right. The “big idea” from a “small team” indeed turned out to be video sharing via what used to be a photo-only platform. And yes, the filters are there. Of course, this... Read more
Facebook Event is All About Video Instagram
Last week, Facebook incited talk when it sent out “real” invitations to a “big idea” event. The invite reads: “A small team has been working on a big idea. Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.” Small team. Big idea. Coffee. New product. That sounds like a... Read more
Tribeca Film Festival Short List of Vine #6SecFilms
The organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival highlighted just how simple, everyday technology can be used to create something that will stand out and showcase your talent with #6SecFilms. The competition was announced a month or so ago, encouraging users of the popular app Vine to send in their... Read more
Join The Tribeca Film Festival With Your Best Vines
In the more than 10 years since the Tribeca Film Festival was founded, the event has given emerging and established directors the chance to have their work showcased to the rest of the world. From the exposure we’ve seen, it looks like the festival’s mission of helping “filmmakers reach... Read more
Major Brands Shrink and Loop Their Ad Space on Vine
Twitter’s new mobile video app, Vine has been getting a lot of attention since its release, a little over a week ago. Vine’s recent buzz First, the video sharing app gained acknowledgement for the launch of their unique, 6 second looping videos. Just days after release, Vine was already... Read more
Is Twitter Becoming Too Complicated?
Some time last year, I discovered a simple infographic detailing the stages of getting Twitter. It is rather funny, some may say in a deprecatory kind of way, but if you think about it, the stages are rather accurate. They are as follows: complete inability to understand Twitter, trying... Read more