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Nvidia may be going the same route as Apple for the design of its new headquarters. The graphics processing unit (GPU) has been in... Nvidia Also Goes for Sophisticated Headquarters’ Design

Nvidia may be going the same route as Apple for the design of its new headquarters. The graphics processing unit (GPU) has been in operation for just over two decades and is now trying to set itself apart from the other companies in the industry. Choosing a sophisticated and unique design for its headquarters enables the company to appear different and establish a solid corporate identity through architecture.

Nvidia Also Goes for Sophisticated Headquarters’ Design

Apple is planning to do the same with its spaceship-like design for the new headquarters. Originally envisioned and planned by founder Steve Jobs, the company is trying to get the project completed as soon as possible. It will be a couple of years before Apple shifts base and moves into their new headquarters. For Nvidia, the time required for completing the construction of the headquarters and the subsequent transition might take more time. Apple might get there first.

Apple Headquarter

The success of Nvidia has been nothing short of exceptional. The company originally started off with a three-man team. Slowly and gradually, they have grown in stature and now provide their products and services across the globe. They have an 8000-strong workforce while operating at over 40 locations. Some of the cities the company is operating in around the world include Bangalore (India), Paris (France), Shanghai (China), Moscow (Russia) and Cambridge (England).

The reason why the company wants a new location to operate out of is because there is simply no space left for them to use. The existing headquarters of Nvidia are located in Santa Clara. The location is not far off from where the company started operating from as a three-man group. They aren’t going to move too far with their new headquarters. According to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, the company is simply moving across the street to a bigger office.

The designing and building of the new headquarters for the company will be handled by Gensler. The San Francisco based studio of the architectural firm will be overseeing the development of the project. The appointment of Gensler is significant because the company is known for being green. Their designs are eco-friendly and they provide consultancy on how businesses can make their workplaces less damaging to the surrounding environment.

Huang is confident that Gensler and Nvidia combined would be able to pull off the project in the best way possible. He commented that they are looking to make the building as energy-effective as possible without driving costs too high. Revealing the design of the building, Huang said that it would be triangular in shape. It is appropriate for a graphics company to have a triangular headquarters as the triangle is the basic shape of computer graphics.

Keeping in mind Apple’s and Nvidia’s decisions to build unusual looking headquarters as a move away from the sober and ‘boring’ designs favored by most companies, incorporating architecture into the corporate identity of a brand might be the next big trend. It will become clearer if more companies decided to come up with unique designs for their business headquarters.

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