Kickstarter, the huge fundraising platform for innovative ideas and creativity, is now generating consumer excitement about their latest project, Nanolight. The geometrically shaped light bulb not only has a one of a kind  look, but is said to be the most energy efficient LED bulb in the world.

Reinventing the Lightbulb

The Campaign

The Kickstarter Campaign has over exceeded it’s original goal of $20,000, already gaining more than $230,000 in pledges and 4837 backers.

The brains behind the remarkable light bulb is scientist and engineer, Tom Rodinger,who partnered with Christian Yan and product developer, Jimmy Chu. The company’s goal is to decrease carbon footprints, increase energy efficiency and maintain an ecological value in all of it’s products

Lessen the load of your power  bill

Though Nanolight is far from the first company to create a more energy efficient light bulb, Nanolight is taking this idea to a much higher level. This ingenious light bulb uses only 12 watts of energy,  nearly half of the energy use of other LED bulbs.

Just to give you a taste of the savings that will come with the Nanolight, take a look at other bulbs comparatively. Based on an energy rate of $.14/ kWh for a of 30,000 hours, you would need 30 incandescent light bulbs which would run you about $400 in electric bills. The CFL bulbs are considerably more efficient, requiring only 4 lightbulbs and costing just $100 for energy use. LEDs are known to be the most energy saving, Nanolight topping the chart with one single bulb that will last for a full 30,000 hours and will cost you only $50 in energy. In addition to the energy savings, Nanolight generates 1600 lumens and can emit the equivalent of 100 watts of bright, yet comfortable lighting .

Reinventing the Lightbulb

Unique design

The Nanolight was designed to cast light in all directions, much like a traditional incandescent bulb. However, instead of being round and made of glass, it’s more of a cluster of pentagon shapes made by the use of printed circuit board technology. Because of this, the design has the potential to be any stylish color or pattern a consumer could want.

When can you get one?

Currently, the plan is to have the light bulbs available for delivery by July and early backers will be granted a special rate of $45.

[Images via complex & gsmnation]