Tagwhat is a relatively new mobile app designed to connect you with up to date web content concerning  local businesses, deals and events no matter your location on the globe. The app draws this information from Tagwhat’s own web-publishing site, plublish.tagwhat.com, and other various websites such as social networking feeds. Many of you may have liked a few of your favorite restaurants or hang-out spots on facebook. Because of this you get up to date notifications containing their daily posts and occasional deals. However, you learn quickly that by accumulating too many of these businesses, your Facebook space gets cluttered with tons of unwanted notifications.

Tagwhat Knows What to Do



Tagwhat collects up to the minute information and allows you to search for businesses and tag them for notifications and social network sharing. You can also be notified based on a specific category or channel you have selected. These channels include food, music, sports, nature and heritage.  For example if you want to know every time there is an event pertaining to art, Tagwhat will alert you. Frequently dine out? Tagwhat sends you a notice of any current deal or special rate offered in your location. The app also gives you the option of turning off any of the categories that you are uninterested in.

tagwhat knows what to do

Why Tagwhat stands out

Although similar in ways to other mobile apps such as Yelp, Localite and Foursquare, Tagwhat is distinctive by its extensive content. For instance, let’s say you are on vacation and in unfamiliar territory. You stroll by a restaurant. Normally you would need to either do an online search for the restaurant menu and details yourself, or require within. But with Tagwhat, the research is done for you. But not only will you be given the menu, you will also receive reviews, videos, stories, images and audio relating to the restaurant. You can also notify your social network friends of your whereabouts and experience at the restaurant.

Availability and Locations

Tagwhat is available for download on iOS and Android and can help you find a deal, event or activity for any occasion, anywhere in the world.

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