Micro-blogging social networking site Twitter has streamlined and revamped certain features and will soon allow old tweets to appear in current searches.

The online social hub announced that it has updated its Android, iOS and mobile apps, to make it easier for users to find relevant content when on the go.

In addition, the US-founded company has also started to roll out a new system which will allow users to find older tweets when using the search option.

Previously, Twitter search results only displayed tweets going back about a week, but now the company has developed a way to include older tweets, allowing users to see content that goes beyond the most recent tweets.

Memory Lane

Twitter’s search infrastructure engineer, Paul Burstein, said as the company rolls this new service out over the coming days, the tweets in search results will represent only a fairly small percentage of total tweets ever sent, but this will expand over time.

We look at a variety of types of engagement, like favorites, re-tweets and clicks, to determine which tweets to show,” Burstein said.

We’ll be steadily increasing this percentage over time, and ultimately, aim to surface the best content for your query. For now, enjoy your trip down memory lane.”

In a bid to give users greater content faster, Twitter has also carried out several updates.

More Streamlined and Quicker

Previously, when you tapped any part of a Tweet, it would first expand and then a second click was required to get to the website, but now when the user clicks a URL in a tweet, they can to go directly to that website from any timeline.

As of now, all the content in Discover – tweets, activity, trends and suggestions of accounts to follow, appears in a single stream – on both iPhone and Android. Users can also go straight into activity and trends from new previews at the top of the Discover tab.

Search results also now surface the most relevant mix of tweets, photos,and accounts – all in one stream, and a new search button has been added to Twitter for iPhone, letting users search from anywhere within the app.

To provide a simpler experience in the Connect tab, the default view is now Interactions, which shows new followers, re-tweets and mentions.

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