Apple has been the kingpin of the tablet market since it launched the original iPad a couple of years ago. Since then, several other companies have come up with their own tablets but none have managed to diminish the popularity of the iPads. With further versions now available only with a mini iPad, the users are happy and Apple is surely ecstatic over the success of their device. However, the trend seems to be changing since the release of the Windows 8 tablets.

Windows 8 Tablets More Popular than iPads Among Workers

Report Shows Workers Prefer Microsoft Over Apple

A Forrester report published recently has revealed that working people are more inclined towards using the Windows 8 tablets than opting for an iPad. Apparently, this is the first time anyone has ever shown affection for the Windows 8 tablets, considered to be significantly inferior to what Apple and Samsung have to offer. But statistics don’t lie and they show that over 30% of the workers who took part in the survey would love to buy a Windows 8 tablet.

The corresponding number of the iPads is around 25%. You can argue that there isn’t that much of a difference between the two but when it comes to the tablet market, the iPad has usually been the preferred option. Hence it is quite surprising that workers are bending towards Windows 8 tablets, which include the Surface. The Android-based tablets trail the two, lagging far behind after getting only 12% approval votes.

Will This Make a Difference to Sales?

The striking part of the whole deal is that of the nearly 10,000 workers asked about their tablet preferences only 2% actually own a Windows 8 tablet. The rest of the people who responded positively to the Microsoft product are the ones who wish to buy one in the future. Currently, Microsoft projected that they will be able to sell around 1 million units of its surface tablets. If the report is indeed spot-on, they might have to ship more units than they actually planned for.

The uncertain nature of the gadget market makes it difficult to say anything with the utmost certainty. Who knows, another new shiny flashy tablet gets launched tomorrow and the people start drooling after it. Yet, if working people are willing to buy the Windows 8 tablets over the alternatives, Microsoft might just have struck oil. They are yet to find a niche which they can target with their Windows 8 tablets but this report might have just enlightened them to where they can find customers.

Good News for Microsoft, Bad News for BlackBerry

The same report also mentioned that workers are losing faith in BlackBerry and most of them want to switch devices. The future looks bleak for RIM and its flagship device after reports that it is already shutting up shop in Japan. The enterprise market is leading niche for the BlackBerry phones and if they lose that market, they are in for a struggle. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the report actually proves to be accurate or not.


[Image via venturebeat]