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Would you like to buy a notebook that becomes a tablet? If yes, the ASUS Transformer Book Windows 8 Hybrid might just be the... ASUS Transformer Book Available for Pre-Ordering

Would you like to buy a notebook that becomes a tablet? If yes, the ASUS Transformer Book Windows 8 Hybrid might just be the device for you. ASUS had announced they were working on a device which would enable users to enjoy the features of both a notebook and a tablet. They have come up with the ASUS Transformer Book which functions as a tablet but can become a notebook by adding a keyboard docking station. Hence, you get two devices for the price of one.

ASUS Transformer Book Available for Pre-Ordering

The ASUS Transformer Book is going to be launched soon and the company has put it up for pre-ordering if you want to get your hands on one from the first batch. There is no doubt that the unique design of the device is attractive and the usability excellent, what with getting to use two different devices. If you are interested in getting the Transformer Book for yourself, you can place an order for it right away.

There are several things going in favor of the device apart from the two in one design. First of all, it gives you the chance to use Windows 8 and all the apps which come with it without having to buy the Microsoft Surface Tablet. The OS has been praised but few people actually care for the device Microsoft decided to launch for it. You can get access to all the Windows apps you want on the ASUS Transformer Book as it runs on Windows 8.

This also means that people who are comfortable using Windows can continue doing so on their tablet or notebook. This is something missing from the Android and even the Windows RT devices. If you want to stick to Windows for the time being, the ASUS Transformer Book is a great choice for you. You don’t have to learn to use the features or find your way around the OS as you already know how to do so. This saves considerable hassle.

Moreover, you can overcome the inherent short battery life of tablets by attaching the device to a keyboard dock. This is the purpose for which ASUS has come up with the unique design. Using the Transformer Book like a notebook enables you to conserve energy while getting access to all the features of a tablet. In addition, the keyboard docking station offers you an additional 500 GB of storage space. The tablet itself has 128 GB space which brings the total capacity to 628 GB.

Of course, you can add further space through the MicroSD card slot. The screen size, processor speed and features all make the Transformer Book a great device to buy. However, the problem is the price. ASUS has priced it at a steep $1,479.99 for pre-ordering. This means you have to pay almost $500 more to get the Transformer Book over a Surface tablet. But if you can afford to spend $1,500 on a notebook that becomes a tablet, buying the ASUS Transformer Book Windows 8 Hybrid is a great idea for you.

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