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Android users will be able to clean their smartphones and tablets with ease once the CCleaner app is released later this year. Piriform (makers... CCleaner Android App Announced

Android users will be able to clean their smartphones and tablets with ease once the CCleaner app is released later this year. Piriform (makers of the massively popular CCleaner software) have announced they are working on the CCleaner Android app and it will be released soon. For those of you that are not familiar with CCleaner-it is a popular cleaning software that removes unnecessary files and repairs the registry, resulting in a faster, more stable computer. Now Android users will be able to keep their mobile devices operating like new too with just one click.

CCleaner Android App Announced

According to the official press release the app is currently being tested. Piriform wants to ensure the software works perfectly through the app and will provide the results Android users expect of it before launching officially. The beta testing phase is rumoured to start in a few weeks so the release date for the CCleaner app for Android might not be too far away. The only details of the app released by Piriform are that it will be quick and easy to use with one-click cleaning. Helping to keep your Android devices running like new

One question people have about the CCleaner app is whether it will be free to use on Android devices. At present, CCleaner is available on PCs and Macs. Users can download and use it for free or pay for the premium version which includes support, automatic updates and multiple profile cleaning. So far the main versions of the software have proven to be very popular-accumulating over 1 billion downloads since the software was launched in the mid 2000’s. The availability of free versions has obviously aided the software’s popularity. It’s unclear whether the app version will prove as popular if a free version is not released.

CCleaner Android App Announced

A teaser of CCleaner Android which is currently in development

There is no word from the company as yet on whether they are going to charge for the app or not. Realistically, it would be prudent for the company to at least provide a free version of the app, keeping in line with their policy for PC users. If they choose to only release a paid version, it could lead to a backlash from Android users and low adoption rates. After all, there are already some free alternatives available to them. However, avid CCleaner fans (and there seems to be a lot of them) will probably be keen to try CCleaner Android ahead of the other options.

Piriform historically, has always offered free versions of its products. CCleaner, Speccy, Defraggler and Recuva all have free versions. Like CCleaner, the other programs are system utilities aimed at improving computer performance, enhancing security and aiding users in the restoration of lost files or computer information. Hence, Piriform’s decision to develop apps has been welcomed by the mobile community.

The alternatives to CCleaner Android already available include-CleanMaster, App Cache Cleaner, 1-click Cleaner, Android Delete History and QuickCleaner to name a few. CCleaner Android will undoubtedly face stiff competition in the mobile app sector, but I for one am excited to see if the app will live up to the hype its desktop predecessor has developed.

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