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There’s a new way for travelers to save on airport parking as well as make up to $10 a day in gas credits. FlightCar... FlightCar: Rent Your Car While You Are Away

There’s a new way for travelers to save on airport parking as well as make up to $10 a day in gas credits. FlightCar is a new service that lets travelers rent their vehicles out to other pre-screened travelers.  Founders of the company are former students from Harvard, Princeton and MIT, who started the company with the goal of improving both the airport parking and rental experiences for travelers.


The way that it works is simple.  You can list your car on FlightCar for free.  If your car is rented you will receive an email from the company.  As an incentive for listing your car, you will receive free parking for the duration of your trip, whether or not the car is selected for rental. On your day of departure, you simply drop off your car with FlightCar, and their car service will take you to your terminal of departure.  For renters, just search FlightCar to select the type of vehicle you want to rent, and provide your driver information as requested.  As a service, FlightCar is expanding on the increasingly popular trend of car sharing.

Some may be put off by the idea of allowing a stranger to use their car.  FlightCar addresses the issue of safety.  All vehicles are insured by FlightCar.  FlightCar provides $1,000,000 in liability coverage.  They also provide full comprehensive and collision coverage.  Renters must also have a good driving record and meet a listed criteria of standards set by the company. While it could be a leap of faith for some car owners to allow a complete stranger to drive their vehicle, the incentives offered by FlightCar may be enough to help owners jump at the chance.  For now, the service is only offered in limited locations.  However, FlightCar is planning to expand to other locations, and may soon be available at an airport near you.

[Image via flightcar]