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Miguel de Icaza is well-known for being one of the founders of Linux GNOME and Mono. However, the software programmer recently revealed that he... GNOME Co-Founder Now Uses a Mac

Miguel de Icaza is well-known for being one of the founders of Linux GNOME and Mono. However, the software programmer recently revealed that he has been using a Mac device instead of a Linux one for the past several months. According to de Icaza, the various Linux versions are incompatible and disintegrated, making it difficult for him to switch between them. Despite having created GNOME, he feels no urge whatsoever to keep using a Linux device.

GNOME Co-Founder Now Uses a Mac

Linux in a Desktop Abyss

de Icaza stated that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Linux. The open source platform has been punching above its weight from the beginning and bringing new products to the fore with striking regularity. However, at the heart of it, Linux still remains a desktop-only platform. He believes that Linux is stuck in a desktop abyss out of which there is no way. Even with repeated attempts to break out of the rut, Linux has been struggling to attract users beyond the desktop computers.

Impressed with Mac Since 2008

It isn’t just now that de Icaza had a change of heart and abandoned Linux in favor of Apple. He says that his flirtation with a Mac started way back in 2008. Recounting a vacation he took in Brazil, de Icaza said that he took a Mac instead of his usual Linux device for that vacation. After spending three weeks using a Mac instead of Linux, de Icaza was sold. He feels he knew back then that the Mac is far easier to use than Linux.

He does say however that he missed some of the features which Linux provides, especially the Linux toolchain. At the same time though, he was very impressed by the convenience of using a Mac. He didn’t have to take apart and then reassemble the Kernel when he wanted to use it. Nor did he have to battle the slow speeds Linux is notorious for. The ace programmer states that the vacation proved to be relaxing which wouldn’t have been the case if he had taken a Linux device with him.

A Mac Proponent from the Beginning

Despite working on several projects for Linux, de Icaza revealed that he has been a strong supporter of Macs from the beginning. He said that he used to recommend Macs instead of Linux devices to people who sought his advice about which computer or device they should buy. He also revealed that he used to gift Macs rather than Linux computers to his friends and family. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that he no longer uses Linux and is a dedicated Mac user.

What Linux Has To Say

Responding to de Icaza’s comments, executive director at Linux, Jim Zemlin said that he agrees with de Icaza about the quality of the products created by Apple. However, he notes that the diverse versions available through Linux are its strength rather than an impediment, as de Icaza claims. Also, Zemlin reminds people that the Android OS runs on Linux. Need he say more?

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