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Around half of all PC users run their machines on Windows 7. Hence, they are familiar with Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer. Microsoft... Microsoft to Release IE10 Updates to Windows 7

Around half of all PC users run their machines on Windows 7. Hence, they are familiar with Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer. Microsoft had launched the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) a few weeks back for their new generation operating system, Windows 8. Recently though, they decided to go ahead with giving Windows 7 users the chance to use the latest model of their browser. So, they released the IE10 for Windows 7. In light of this news, Microsoft is planning to release an IE10 update.

Microsoft to Release IE10 Updates to Windows 7

According to the company, they want IE10 to be their flagship browser from now on. Though same in design, feel and usability to the previous version, IE10 is definitely an improvement over it. Microsoft has decided to retire Internet Explorer 9 for good. Users who have been using IE9 regularly would be in for a surprise sometime soon when Microsoft decides to roll out the IE10 update. The browsers would be automatically updated and the users would get the new version.

However, users still have the option to continue using Internet Explorer 9. If you are used to the browser, you might not want to move on to an advanced version which would require you to spend some time learning how to use it. Microsoft is going to run a new Windows Update post which the IE10 would be installed in your PC. You have the option of preventing the update and thus keep using IE9 if you want to. It is advisable though that using IE10 is definitely the better option now.

The fact that Microsoft is rolling out IE10 through a Windows Update could be a great development for the browser. The other leading web browsers often receive tweaks and upgrades from time to time through updates. Now, Microsoft would be able to do the same for IE10. However, it would be too much to expect them to come up with regular changes to the browser. It is more likely that three or four updates in a year would be made. At present, it takes around two years for Microsoft to do so.

IE9 was definitely better than IE8 but it fell short of the mark expected by users. There are many features which have been introduced by the rival browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox which people have gotten used to. Their absence in IE9 meant that they had better alternatives to choose from which hurt the browser’s performance considerably. This would no longer be the case as IE10 is a definite improvement on all previous versions of the browser and in line with its rivals.

The decision by Microsoft to release an IE10 update virtually means it is the end of the role for IE9. It is quite likely that users are going to abandon the previous version of Internet Explorer and use the new one. Yet, the real battle is against the other browsers available to the Windows 7 users. Microsoft would have its hopes up given IE10’s upgraded design and features but whether or not it delivers on its promise is a different thing.

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