The Canadian startup, Thalmic Labs is nearing its release of Myo, an innovative new concept for the controlling of your smart devices. Feel the virtual power of telekinesis as you wave your hand around, universally controlling your computer, tablet, smartphone, television, and more.

What it does

Unlike hi-tech game controllers, Myo doesn’t use camera-based gesture control. Instead, this rather simple looking armband, powered by a tiny ARM processor, can detect your muscle’s electrical activity, and gives you the power to control computers by using hand gestures. The wearable controller syncs with Android, iOs, PC and Mac through Bluetooth. There are numerous tasks you can gesture control with MYO, like net browsing, gaming, giving presentations and can even control some tech toys toys and robotics.

Some of the many gestures that will generate response from MYO include moving your hand up and down for scrolling, swiping with two fingers to turn pages, making a fist to stop playing your tune, pointing a finger and mock-shooting to attach your video game’s target.

Developer Friendly

Do you think the creators of the device left something out? Thalmic Labs realize that there are developers and super-geeks that could expand on and better the design of MYO. This is why they’ve designed their API to let you use MYO’s hardware to experiment with and build on it’s collection of applications. Once again, putting the power in the user’s hands.

Myo: The Armband Remote Control

Pre-order Now

Pre-orders for your MYO are now available. Get your armband in black or white, for $149. Star Wars fans a will most likely feel that this is a small price to pay to (as MYO’s slogan goes) “Unleash Your Inner Jedi.” First shipments are expected to go out by the end of the year. Just wait a little longer, and “May the Force be with you.”

[Images via pcworld]