Skylanders was the first game to integrate syncable toys into it gameplay. The innovative notion of blending physical and virtual toys together quickly caught on. Skylanders was closely followed by Disney Infinity, which took the same great idea and threw in some of children’s favorite Disney characters.

Now it looks like Pokémon  Scramble U will be the next in line to try out the new gaming technology and will be the first game that makes use of  the Wii U GamePad NFC reader.

Pokémon with Pocket Monsters for Wii U

Plans to Launch in Japan in April

According to a leaked scan of CoroCoro Comic magazine, the NFC Pocket Monsters figurines will go on sale at Pokémon Center Stores across Japan on April 24th. Scramble U will be downloadable for ¥1,800 (US$18.70)  and the Pocket Monster toys are priced at ¥200 ($2.08) each.

There are six regular figurines and one additional “special” character. The only character whose presents in the game has been confirmed is Pikachu. Gamers might just have to wait in suspense for the total reveal of the game’s cast.

The player can scan the toys into the Wii GamePad and play in-game with the characters. As players develop or “raise their Pocket Monster they can save the characters progress.

Currently no release date for the U.S.

There has yet to be any word on when the U.S. will get to play with the new Pokémon toys. Because of the current competition and influx in video games that use NFC readers, some may speculate that there may be  no room for another in the market. On the other hand, Pokémon, like Disney, has already established a massive following, and the game would most likely have no problems gaining approval with it’s existing fans.

[Image via ign]