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The version 8 of TeamViewer has been launched for Linux. This follows a succession of launches which have taken place over the past few... Version 8 of TeamViewer for Linux Launched

The version 8 of TeamViewer has been launched for Linux. This follows a succession of launches which have taken place over the past few weeks. TeamViewer have left Linux for last, as they started off by launching the TeamViewer 8 software for Mac and Windows as well as several mobile platforms. This now means that the software can be run on any platform, mobile or computer. TeamViewer specializes in providing software that makes remote control and online meetings easier.

Version 8 of TeamViewer for Linux Launched

The TeamViewer 8 takes the functionalities a step ahead with several new features being added to the software. Among the key benefits enterprise clients can enjoy is enhanced remote administration in a workplace. The other features and updates which are included in TeamViewer 8 for Linux are:

Round-the-Clock Remote Access

Users can access any Linux computer remotely using TeamViewer 8 without any restrictions. The access is provided round-the-clock which means you can choose to do it at any time you please.

Session Handover

Conducting remote sessions has become easier than ever with the session handover feature. The personnel running the session can simply pass it over to their colleagues. They can even invite people to an ongoing active remote session. This reduces the need for additional sessions being conducted to deal with the problems at hand.

Version 8 of TeamViewer for Linux Launched

Session Recording

Several updates have been made to make session recording better than before. You can record the audio and visuals to create a record of the sessions for future reference. This makes TeamViewer 8 the ideal platform to use for creating training programs on Linux computers. Proper documentation ensures that any absentees can be enlightened to the agenda and content of the session.


Not only can organizations record the sessions through TeamViewer 8 but also ask the attendees to enter their comments right after a session ends. This provides you immediate feedback as well as ensuring the documentation for the session is complete.

Sharing Groups

You can share groups you have created on your computer if the need arises. This allows you to select the groups you want to share with the support team or with your colleagues. This is extremely important if two employees are using the same machine. Access privileges to the groups can be restricted if you want.

Management Console

A Management Console has been added to the latest version of TeamViewer. It is a relatively new entry to the software and now Linux users have the option of benefiting from it. It allows you to control and manage the company’s contacts regardless of your time or location. You can track any individual user without much trouble. You will need to get a premium or corporate license for TeamViewer 8 to receive the Management Console.

Remote control and online sessions have become much easier to carry out with TeamViewer 8. Any company using Linux computers can now use the software to provide remote access to anyone who would require it. Without a doubt, it would help streamline the company’s operations.


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