On Friday, March 1st, Yahoo announced that it will continue the process of cleaning out its underused properties, after recently removing some of the Yahoo Messenger features at last year’s end. Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer is tidying up the major tech company to aim its focus toward the Yahoo properties that users go to most frequently.

While there may be some Yahoo users that feel a little disappointed about losing these features, it’s unlikely to cause too much outrage, as these properties to be deleted are far from popular. In fact, some of these obscure features might be completely unknown to most of you.

Yahoo Shuts Down More of its Properties

Here is Yahoo’s full list of products that will become obsolete starting at the beginning of next month.

Yahoo! Message Boards website

Message Boards connected users to discussions on numerous topics such as  business and finance, entertainment, family and home, games, music, and sports, just to name a few. Yahoo! Message Boards will shut down on April 1st; however, message boards on individual properties like Yahoo!Finance and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports will remain active.

Yahoo! Clues (beta)

Clues, which included content like the Top Trends Leaderboard,never even got past the beta testing phase and will be officially closed on April 1, 2013.

Yahoo! App Search

Yahoo’s app search engine was a simple way to search the web and popular app marketplaces, and will close on April 1st.

Yahoo! Avatars

This feature, as the name entails, allowed users to create an avatar that was downloadable to Twitter and Facebook. If you want to keep your existing avatar or change it, you must go to Yahoo!Profile and upload your existing or edited avatar before April 1st. After this date Yahoo will no longer support the Avatars YQL table.

Yahoo! app for BlackBerry

Though users who have already downloaded the BlackBerry app will be allowed continued use, the app will no longer be actively supported, effective on April 1st.

Yahoo! Sports IQ

When Yahoo! Sports IQ shuts down on April 1st, users final lifetime Sports IQ score will be automatically transferred to the users Yahoo! Fantasy Profile for preservation.

Yahoo! Updates API

Updates  has allowed users to organize user generated actions like comments, favorites, ratings, reviews, and uploads. Also, Yahoo! Updates gave users the ability to read the stream of activities generated by other Yahoo users. Effective as of April 16, 2013, Updates will no longer be supported by Yahoo.

[Image via thedripple]