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Everything in the world around us is getting thinner, sleeker and faster. We’ve made our cars sleeker, our trains thinner and our planes faster.... Lenovo’s ThinkPad Loses 25% Weight

Everything in the world around us is getting thinner, sleeker and faster. We’ve made our cars sleeker, our trains thinner and our planes faster. Now what? Well, a trend which was normally applied to cars, planes, trains and ships has finally moved on towards other accessories. Smart phones and PCs are the new items to receive these makeovers and the world has not been disappointed. The love for all things sleek has boomed to such an extent that many companies are making changes to their products in order to get on that bandwagon.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Loses 25% Weight

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Lenovo decided to put its much beloved and popular ThinkPad under the knife and give it a makeover. With the revelation of the new, thin and sleek ThinkPad, it’s obvious that THIN is definitely IN for laptops and notebooks. Since laptops and notebooks are also supposed to be utilized as mobile PCs, lugging around a heavy, chunky laptop has become a big no-no in many people’s books.

Nonetheless, it’s heartening to see that Lenovo put in a lot of thought behind this decision and only chose to cut down on the ThinkPad’s weight after conducting a 9 month research where consumers were queried in over 9 different countries. Significantly highlighting their dedication to their consumers, Lenovo only went ahead with their decision to make changes to the wildly popular ThinkPad based on the feedback received from the research.

With all factors pointing towards it, the unanimous vote for the slimming down of the ThinkPad soon inspired Lenovo to redesign and reveal the ThinkPad T431, which is rumored to be the lightest and thinnest ThinkPad, measuring up to a weight of 3.6 pounds only. The figures indicate a weight loss of nearly 25% off the weight of the originally chunky ThinkPad. Not just sleek, the Lenovo ThinkPad T431 is also said to be 21% thinner than the original ThinkPad. Now, that’s some serious redesigning.

Nonetheless, fans of the ThinkPad who loved the notebook more for its functionality than its looks need not despair, since the ThinkPad’s design changes are only limited to its appearance. The ThinkPad’s bulk has long been considered a contentious factor in light of its usability as a mobile PC, with more lightweight and thinner notebooks offering portability but not the same level of performance.

However, users and fans of the ThinkPad can finally be content as the ThinkPad T431 promises to rule out the weight factor while preserving the same functionality and performance value as the original ThinkPad. The ThinkPad T431 is said to possess an Intel Core i7 processor that will provide about 40 percent faster boost up time. Another major change which has been made is the elimination of the buttons which were available near the touch pad. Selected enlarged areas on the touchpad have been assigned to function for the missing buttons.

Anticipated for release in April 2013, fans of Lenovo can finally have the beauty with brains combination in the Lenovo ThinkPad T431.

[Image via slashgear]