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Perrier, the French sparkling water company launched a complex marketing campaign on Tuesday. The campaign is in the form of a movie-like mystery game,... Perrier’s Secret Place Game Target’s Young Consumers

Perrier, the French sparkling water company launched a complex marketing campaign on Tuesday. The campaign is in the form of a movie-like mystery game, created in an effort to draw more young consumers and to develop the company’s digital strategy.

Platforms and Sweepstakes

The object of Perrier’s Secret Place is to explore a virtual world in search of a secret bottle of Perrier for a chance to win a vacation to the winner’s choice of one of the World’s major party cities, like Ibiza or Rio.

The Gameplay

At the start of the game, you will watch a short video in which you enter a seemingly small Parisian Laundromat. You show the attendee a glimpse of your mysterious wrist tattoo, and hand her a ticket, which prompts her to lead you to a hidden club in the back of the store.

Once you enter the party, Perrier’s Secret Place lets you can  take up the role of a number of different characters, by clicking on their faces, in order to see different perspectives of the evening’s events.

Because you are given a time limit to look for clues to the whereabouts of the the illusive bottle of Perrier, the game becomes quite fast paced. You could easily find yourself clicking from the guitar player to the roller skating waitress to the bartender, each time taking on the character’s viewpoint, and before you know it you’ve watched a string of interesting and dramatic scenes play out.

On a side note, there are loads of visible bottles of water throughout the various scenarios of the game. With the fast pace and captivating scenes becoming a major distraction, and the fact that you really have no idea what this “secret” bottle of water is supposed to look like, it’s easy to forget what you are supposed to be searching for. Although you will never get to enter for a chance to win the trip unless you meet the challenge, you could easily entertain yourself for over an hour, just exploring the different perspectives of each scene.

Marketing Strategy

All in all, the game is a rather elaborate plan, just for the purpose of drawing attention to a sweepstakes. But the game is definitely unique and interesting enough to merit multiple play sessions.  Gauthier Gay, group marketing manager at Perrier, commented to Mashable about the company’s hopes for return visits and social sharing. He said, “With each visit to Secret Place, guests can discover more clues to find the secret Perrier bottle that unlocks your ticket into that sweepstakes, so we would certainly like to see people come back multiple times, and share with their friends via social,”

Perrier’s Secret Place is now available for iPhone, Android and Desktop.

Whether you are hoping to win a trip or you just want to try out the free game, you can get started  at

[Image via mashable]