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Are you worried that your dog could get lost? Would you like to make sure that your kids got to school safely or are... Trax GPS Tracker: Children and Pets Will Never Be Lost Again

Are you worried that your dog could get lost? Would you like to make sure that your kids got to school safely or are where they said they’d be? With the innovative GPS tracker called Trax you don’t have to worry about any of these things anymore.

Smallest GPS tracker

Trax is advertised as the smallest GPS tracker on the market, being designed especially to locate your pets and children through a highly intuitive smartphone App. This easy to use and affordable GPS can be located almost anywhere and at any time and is also waterproof and durable. Its small size – it measures 55x38x10 mm – and weight of only 30 grams allow it to be easily carried around without causing any discomfort.

Trax GPS tracker

Its size is owed to the smart technology used by Sweden-based manufacturers Wonder Technology Solutions AB in developing the tracker’s battery. Even if it is very small, the battery can last up to four days. It can be easily recharged through a micro USB cable via your computer or smartphone.

Trax also has a built in SIM-card with free data roaming across the United States, Canada, Australia and 14 European countries, and utilizes all available satellite systems to offer accurate readings. You will get this free roaming service for two years, after which you will have to pay a small monthly fee.

Easy to attach

This smart GPS tracker can be carried by children in their pocket or school bag, but it can also be attached to their clothes using a clip. As for pet use, Trax comes with a custom holder for collars and the manufacturers are currently designing a pet collar model with an integrated tracker.

With the second prototype set to go in production in June 2013, Trax is a lot more than a simple GPS tracker, containing a built-in motion sensor as well and thus being able to provide the location based on speed and direction measurements, in the absence of a GPS signal.

The easy to use App interface provides full control and valuable information about where your children or pets are going and where they have been. It also alerts you if the battery level is low or if the tracker has exceeded a certain speed limit.

Trax offers users a unique experience, but most importantly, peace of mind and not having to worry about their loved ones being lost ever again.

[Image via WTSLocate]