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The release of a report on market analysis has been released by Gartner who have been so bold as to predict that in 2017,... Will Microsoft Be Obsolete by 2017?

The release of a report on market analysis has been released by Gartner who have been so bold as to predict that in 2017, Microsoft will become obsolete. Wait, is that right? Microsoft will become obsolete in three or four years? That’s a situation that is hard to imagine since many of us have grown up in a world with Microsoft. The first PC’s brought home had a Windows installed in them and a world without the strong Microsoft is hard to imagine.

Will Microsoft Be Obsolete by 2017?

Moreover, not too long ago Microsoft was the undisputed King of the world of Technology, possessing control over 90% of the computing market. Single handedly responsible for making the booming industry of desktop PCs Bill Gates is to Microsoft what Steve Jobs was to Apple. However, considering the strength of the mighty company, recent trends and changes, the competition in the market has not been kind to the technical giant and the falling trend of the desktop PC has landed an additional blow to Microsoft’s present and future prospects.

With the desktopPC market declining further and further, it seems more probable that the rise of the tablets and smartphones will lead to the elimination of the giant corporation that formed the basis of the whole PC market. Furthermore, Microsoft’s failure in trying to meld in and cater to the change has also added an extra nail to its coffin. As more and more consumers move towards tablets and smartphones, the desktop and laptop PCs are becoming obsolete; now most many people do not prefer to update, replace or maintain their systems on a regular basis.

Though it is possible that some people will maintain both a PC and a tablet or smart phone, someone who wants to look for a computing device to go with their smart phone is more likely to opt for the tablet rather than a PC.

The sales of the tablets and smart phones are thought to rise up to 2.7 billion units per year by 2017 which will amount to almost 10 times the sales predicted for the laptop and desktop PCs. Microsoft’s future remains in further jeopardy owing to the fact that they have been unable to make much of an impression in the tablet and smart phone market.

Although the release of Windows 8 was supposed to bring a boost to the PC market while helping to establish Microsoft in the tablet market, consumers were not impressed and Windows 8 failed in both purposes. Similarly, Windows 8 phones were praised in the market like the Nokia Lumia 920 but surprisingly, the sales are quite low. The launch of Microsoft Surface received a good reception in the market but once more, the sales bombed on the product.

With more than a few failed products, it does seem that if Microsoft fails to make a comeback in the smart phones and tablets market, we might have to say good bye to the tech giant for good.

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