The world of console gaming is eagerly awaiting the release of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, expected to be announced next month. But the latest reports are likely to make the waiting even harder: the Xbox 360 successor may feature a stronger integration with your TV and cable box.

The Kinect technology will offer users an enhanced viewing experience

The Kinect technology will offer users an enhanced viewing experience

Xbox 720 will reportedly function in a similar way to Google TV, allowing users to control television programming through a single interactive interface. This feature will work by directing the cable box signal through the Xbox via an HDMI connection, combining its interface with the broadcast content.

This TV feed integration feature is expected to be gradually extended to several cable services and Microsoft is rumored to already be working with content providers in order to offer quality programming.

Enhanced viewing experience with Kinect

The next generation Xbox console will also couple its TV feed integration with advanced Kinect technology, for a unique viewing experience. According to reports, the Kinect motion sensor will enable the system to adjust its playback intelligently based on how many users are watching simultaneously. Also, Kinect offers eye-tracking support that allows the system to pause the video if any of the users looks away from the TV.

The news does not come as a big surprise, as Microsoft is known to have been working on this continued integration of its Xbox products with cable and television services. Even the Xbox 360 started our as a console for video games and eventually evolved into a more complicated device for entertainment.

In fact, Xbox seems to be on its way to becoming more of an entertainment gadget, as its cable apps and services such as Netflix, HBO Go or Hulu have already proven to be more popular than its multiplayer gaming properties.

Video game fans who also enjoy quality television and cable programming will surely want to try the new Xbox console, for a unique, integrated experience. More details about the product are expected at an Xbox event in late May and Microsoft is reportedly planning to fully unveil the console at the Los Angeles Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

[Image via Business Insider]