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Many OS’s are being forced to retire in the market and now Fuduntu is announcing the retirement of another Linux OS. The decision was... Fuduntu Bites the Dust, FuSE Linux May Take Its Place

Many OS’s are being forced to retire in the market and now Fuduntu is announcing the retirement of another Linux OS. The decision was made at a public meeting held by the Fuduntu team. Aside from various things of interest, the major topic of discussion was the future of Fuduntu itself.

A quirky fun Linux OS, the Fuduntu fits between Fedora and Ubuntu, thereby creating its pun-tastic name. However, the future of the poor OS has been decided and the Fuduntu team passed their sentence, allotting the 30th of September to be the last day for the Fuduntu.

Why is Fuduntu retiring?

The decision was based upon factors such as the usage of GNOME 2. This has been a contributing cause for problems in functionality since passing years have seen a decline in the usage and support of GTK2. Therefore, many apps using GTK2 have been upgraded to the new GTK3 and older versions no longer receive any maintenance or support.

It was believed that along with the GTK issue, Fuduntu had now reached an improbable impasse which would require an inordinate amount of manpower and time to rectify the situation; both of which could not be spared at the current moment.

Therefore, it was decided with a heavy heart by the team to pull the plug on Fuduntu. In the meeting, it was announced that new features will not be implemented. All features which are already being worked on will be provided along with security updates, fixes and bug support till the stated date of expiry for the Fuduntu Linux.

Fuduntu Bites the Dust, FuSE Linux Might Take Its Place

Hopeful Signs, the FuSE Linux

However, users and fans of Fuduntu need not mourn the loss of their beloved Fuduntu Linux since a new replacement for it is already being worked on. Named the FuSE Linux, the leader of project communications, Lee Ward explained on a blog post why they chose to base their decision upon the platform called, openSUSE. On  the blog post, he is stated as, “openSUSE was chosen because of its stable base, openness to derivatives, and the tools available to both encourage and assist teams creating new distro.,”

However, even more compelling is the fact that the FuSE Linux borrows its desktop look from the Consort. This decision means that in all probability, the Consort look will be utilized as the default environment for the desktop of FuSE Linux. Ironically, Consort is the very same desktop which is undergoing development to meet the goals laid down by Ikey Doherty, founder of SolusOS to resemble and recreate the feel and look of the GNOME 2.

However, this also entails good news to fans of Fuduntu who might be looking for another alternative to use for their retiring Fudutu. Since Consort is focused on providing users with the same attention and classic experience of the desktop that had helped to make Fuduntu so well loved and adored by its users and might make a good replacement.

With the help of constant updates being provided through their project pages set up in Trello and Google+, curious users can also keep track of the work done so far on the FuSE Linux.

[Image via fuduntu]