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The PC market is crumbling and everyone knows that. The big guns in the market are worried about it, naturally. Companies are looking to... HP Revamping Design to Revive PC Sales

The PC market is crumbling and everyone knows that. The big guns in the market are worried about it, naturally. Companies are looking to get people to buy PCs but the competition from handheld devices is just too strong to counter. One of the companies suffering because of the changing computing habits of people is Hewlett-Packard (HP). Being a market leader in laptops and desktops, one would expect the company to be selling millions of units every month. Turns out, this isn’t the case at all.

HP Revamping Design to Revive PC Sales

The company, on the other hand, is looking to try any which way possible to revive their PC sales. This time around, they plan to revamp the design of their products in a bid to make them more attractive for people. This may be the first time you hear about a company looking to use product design to sell more PCs, but this is exactly what HP is trying to do. The company currently has different designing and packaging for desktops and the other products.

What HP intends to do is to have a standard product design along with a list of features for its tablets and laptops. Not only will this improve the branding of its product line but also help the company cut costs. Even Apple has standardized the materials and other aspects of its products to minimize the costs involved in manufacturing. At present, HP has different silos, with one for each product. Involved is a separate and distinct branding process for each product.

It is quite clear that HP wants all its products to be easily identifiable. Previously, this hasn’t been the case. Even something as basic as the design of the company’s name on their products has been different. This will no longer be the case when the company decides to design a uniform logo that will be used on all its products. This way, there will be no discrepancies between the products HP brings to the market.

Currently, HP is the number one PC maker in the world. Over the years, Lenovo has taken rapid strides to get to the No.2 spot behind HP. However, the decline in PC sales and a contracting market all contribute to HP not being able to maintain its supremacy at the top. This is why the company has decided to try and use visual appeal as a tool to attract the maximum number of customers as possible. Yet, this is something easier said than done.

There is no doubt that the market for PCs is declining and will continue on the same downward trajectory for some time to come. Thus, expecting HP’s fortunes to change overnight is foolhardy. It is going to take some time for their new product design to get noticed by people and the word of mouth to spread. Only then is there a realistic chance that the company will be able to sell more PCs and improve its performance in that particular market to retain its number one position.

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