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What’s a party without some nice, DJ looping and mixing to keep the guests dancing and having a great time? For all the DJs... JD Sound Portable Disc Jockey Rig Arrives

What’s a party without some nice, DJ looping and mixing to keep the guests dancing and having a great time? For all the DJs out there who want to be ready to show off their skills at all times without carrying a bunch of cumbersome equipment around, the Portable Disc Jockey from Korea’s JD Sound is hitting the U.S. market.

The Portable Disc Jockey or PDJ is presented as the world’s first fully self-contained portable DJ system, which is not actually the case, since a similar system, the Tonium Pacemaker, was released in 2008. Nonetheless, JD Sound’s PDJ still has a lot of features that make it quite an impressive gadget.

Portable Disc Jockey Rig Arrives

This portable disc jockey rig is actually a rectangular slap with two LCD touchsreens at both ends and mixing and effects controls in the middle. The 320×240 pixel resolution displays show virtual turntables and allow easy access to the features menu and sample playback. The mixing and effects station in the middle has 6 rotary controls for volume, functions and FX selection and levels, two sets of Cue and Play/Pause buttons (one for each deck), a cross fader and of course LED status lights.

But what sets the PDJ apart from other products or smartphone apps that can mix your music is that you can actually control how the music sounds before unleashing it onto the world. The rig’s onboard audio interface allows users to plug in their headphones through a 3.5 mm jack and listen to their mix before playing it.

The system also has a microphone input, a stereo line-in jack and line-out port and a mini-USB connection used for file transfers and for charging the gadget’s battery. The Li-Pol battery lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge.

JD Sound Portable Disc Jockey Rig Arrives

The PDJ measures 9.bx2.6×0.6 in and weighs only 10 oz, making it very comfortable and easy to use. It has 2 GB of internal storage available for storing the music you want to mix and play. An equal 2GB of storage is taken by the operating system and for storing recordings. The device has an SD card slot that allows up to 32GB of external storage.

The portable DJ rig is already available in South Korea, Dubai, Singapore and Japan. Manufacturers JD Sound announced that the system will be available in the United States as of this summer, at a retail price of $600.

[Image via HiConsumption]