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The new Linux Ubuntu 13.04 is primed for release. Called the ‘Raring Ringtail’, the distribution comes with a host of new features, mostly building... Linux Raring Ringtail – What’s ‘New’?

The new Linux Ubuntu 13.04 is primed for release. Called the ‘Raring Ringtail’, the distribution comes with a host of new features, mostly building on what you got from its previous LTS (long term service) version. Among the most notable additions is enhanced social media integration. If you are thinking about using Raring Ringtail, it would be a good idea for you to check what it has to offer before you download it.

Linux Raring Ringtail - What’s ‘New’?

Compatible with Social Media

Right off the bat, the Raring Ringtail is more compatible with social media than its previous versions. This comes via the new features that have been added to Ubuntu’s Online Accounts interface. You can not only add accounts, but also select the apps on your computer you want to provide access to your social media accounts. For instance, it is now quite possible for you to limit Empathy from accessing your Facebook account. Moreover, you can easily view notifications and status updates.

Managing Browser Windows

This is one feature that works best in Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes, you have multiple windows of the same browser open and it becomes difficult to manage them. Now, you simply need to right-click where the Firefox icon appears on your desktop. There, you will be able to view and select the specific window you want to view. Also, Workspaces has been disabled, in the sense that it does not turn on automatically. Rather, you have to go into the Settings and turn it on if you want to use it.

Viewing Your Social Photos

The Unity dashboard also presents your social photos in a better and improved way. Now, you can easily access the photos you have saved on Shotwell from your Facebook or any other account by clicking on the Photo lens provided on the Unity Dash. Furthermore, you can view the images on your social accounts, the ones you have added to Ubuntu’s Online Accounts.

Better Menus

One of the subtler changes is the better menus that have been provided for file synchronization and Bluetooth. You can now perform file functions, like saving a file or moving it with a single click. Same goes for your Bluetooth functionality. You only need to click on the switch once to turn it on or off.

Apart from these new features, additions and changes, the Unity desktop environment has improved significantly. You don’t have to wait as long as you had to in the previous versions of this distribution. So, there is plenty of ‘new’ stuff in the new Raring Ringtail.

[Image via funjooke]