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Many see Sony in the lead in the current face off going on between Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft has had its share of success,... Sony & Microsoft Stocks Compete

Many see Sony in the lead in the current face off going on between Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft has had its share of success, but with Windows 8 it has faced stiff criticism. However, Microsoft and Sony are battling it out in view of their new consoles.

How Did Sony Overshadow Microsoft?

Both technology giants made their way into the press with a lot of hype. However, Sony impressed everyone in the gaming community with a bold that cut out Microsoft. Sony’s efforts have been appreciated tremendously because it has not been restrictive with its new introductions, and it asserts that its Playstation 4 will not be an obstacle to used games. Also, it will not demand users to have an online connection.

Sony & Microsoft Stocks Compete

This is how Sony generally beat Microsoft, as Microsoft’s Xbox One requires users to be online. Gamers have made endless complaints against Xbox One’s restrictions. Now, they have seen what Sony has introduced and they are completely pleased with Sony has given them.

Sony’s Playstation is Competitively Priced to Its Advantage

Another huge advantage that Sony has for its consumers is a lower price, which is immensely attractive compared to the price tag that Microsoft has on its Xbox.The Playstation 4 is priced at $399 while Microsoft’s Xbox One is priced at $499.

After Sony held its press conference, there was a huge impact, and the word went around rapidly. Gaming blogs announced that the “console war” officially ended with Sony putting on such a string show.

While it’s quite well-known that gamers can get carried away with what they are told, what must be considered is the experience that gamers have with Sony’s latest introduction. It’s reasonable to expect a good game in the hands of many for a lower price, but it should be reviewed thoroughly in order to determine its all-round standing.

Market Buzz is Known to Drive Sales

Some experts argue that the whole idea is to create hype so that the market buzzes. By the time the product is actually released later this year, consumers will be fully ready and eager to make their purchases.

What such hype also does is drive market shares higher, and this is exactly what has been achieved. After the press conference in which Sony made its announcements, its shares rose by 1.3%. In contrast to this, Microsoft shares decreased by around 1.4%.

Sony’s in Game Production Future Looks Bright

Sony has already taken a huge stride ahead and it can continue to experience growth in the near future. Sales are expected to be strong, as users are geared up and waiting eagerly for Playstation 4 to hit the market. Consumers flock the stores the day these games are available.

Depending on how much they have in stock and how much flows through the market, Sony has an immense opportunity to earn and spread its name. This performance will certainly help users to remember Sony, which will encourage the company to produce even better and more competitive versions of the game in the future.

While some might disagree with Sony’s strategy due to the slashed pricing, others feel that the company has every right to lowers its prices and make goods available to consumers at a more affordable price.

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