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We’re here with another batch of the top trending videos on YouTube. This week, it’s all about the underdog taking on big challenges and... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

We’re here with another batch of the top trending videos on YouTube. This week, it’s all about the underdog taking on big challenges and you’ll be surprised to find that no challenge is too big for a baby. Not getting the hint? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 trending videos for this week.


Clash of the Titus!

If you’re a fan of basketball and babies, then this charming video will have you smiling in no time. Clash of the Titus is about a small two year old baby named Titus who’s an avid basketball fan. His love for basketball has developed to the point where he can shoot basket ball hoops with proficiency and coordination that is far beyond his little years.

Becoming a YouTube sensation already because of his skills, little Titus and his daddy were invited to the Jimmy Kimmel live show where Titus bravely takes on the basketball Titan, Shaquille O’Neal. We won’t give away any more spoilers about the video but you’ll definitely be grinning at the conclusion of this little match up.

The Man of Steel – Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer

Even if you’re not a fan of the comics, almost every action movie lover appreciates the drama and thrill that these superhero themed movies entail. It comes as no surprise then that after Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, the Hulk, the Avengers and even Thor got their own movie makeover, Superman finally joins the 21st Century cinema with his revamped movie – Man of Steel. This video, showing the exclusive movie trailer, has been making the rounds on YouTube and causing a stir among everyone who’s waiting for the movie. After looking at the awesome trailer, we’ve booked our tickets. Have you?

Amazing Resonance Experiment

If you like art and science, then you’ll definitely love this video. Oh, who are we kidding? Even as a science experiment, the video is awesome. You can successfully see how sound frequency and vibrations can affect inanimate objects and make wonderfully beautiful patterns with the help of a metal plate and a tone generator and some ordinary house salt. Surprisingly, every frequency produces a different design owing to varying static waves. That’s pretty neat, huh?

Rage Quit – Get Your Cell Together

There’s nothing more hilarious than someone losing their cool over something pretty simple. On Rage Quit, Micheal Jones tests out a simple Xbox Live Indie game called Get Your Cell Together while YouTubing the whole way. Made with simple graphics, the game has little to no details about controls, missions or goals and Micheal Jones makes all gamers’ frustrations clear with constant commentary which is hilarious.

While it is rather funny to hear a guy raging insanely over such a simple game, it might not tickle everyone’s funny bone since the commentary can be extremely profane in some portions. On the other hand, if this is completely unfunny for you, go watch Clash of the Titus again. That little baby beating Shaquille O’Neal in 30 seconds flat is the most awesomely adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

YouTubers React to Rejected Cartoons

Nothing is funnier than the look on someone’s face when they’re shocked, totally stumped or dumbfounded about something. While you might shake your head and disagree, you’ll be surprised to know that many people do enjoy laughing or seeing other people when they’re shocked and dumfounded, and that’s why this 10 minute long video has been holding the No. 1 spot for the most trending video on YouTube this week.

With the cartoons themselves being insanely bizarre, it’s no surprise that they’ve been rejected and the reactions of the people watching them is hilarious. Along with a small Question and Answer session at the end, you can look at the various expressions and exclamations on the video and you’ll probably see what the funny-ness is all about.

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