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Every week, users see certain videos retaining their top spots on well known social media. These videos show up in the top spots because... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

Every week, users see certain videos retaining their top spots on well known social media. These videos show up in the top spots because they are viewed frequently. Those with the highest number of view show up in the top spots and may trend for weeks too. Below are the top 5 videos for this week.

This Week's Top 5 Trending Videos

PRISM: Lazy Policing With a Side of Privacy Violation – Breaking Analysis

This is a top news video item regarding the recent controversial PRISM program. The video is essentially a news interview with a guest (John Casaretto) who delivers his expert opinion on the matter. During the interview, Casaretto is asked about the tech companies allegedly working under the PRISM program. He refrains from making any sweeping statements, and intelligently only highlights the issues of privacy of the average American. The tech companies mentioned in this video have denied their involvement in PRISM, and Casaretto says there are many possibilities remaining regarding this issue that will unfold in the coming days.

Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Live on SNL)

This video, categorized as Music, features Kanye West performing Black Skinhead (Live). His brand of music falls under Rap, and the music, unlike other forms of rap, is considered to be the most contemporary form of rap you will come across. His music is not new, but this current album seems to have outdone his previous release. Already this video is trending, indicating that this album has tremendous potential. Many consider this type of music content to be experimental, but experimental music normally ends up becoming a permanent genre.

Tony Parker’s AMAZING buzzer-beater in Game 1!

This video consists of an outstanding Play of the Day as Tony Parker dodges his opponents and scores. At first, he falls to one knee and rises. As the shot clock runs out and the game is about to end, the Spurs score a 4-point lead and pull off a BIG win. Such moments are rare and sensational, and this is the reason why this video has been trending this week. In the past there have been similar videos released, and like other past successes, this one has also surged to the top of the rankings.

Man of Steel – Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer [HD]

This trailer gives viewers just a glimpse of the magnanimous flavor of Superman. The storyline is essentially the same as the Smallville series, but the filming quality and effects certainly advance the impact. With top stars in this movie, the trailer has already gone viral and is expected to remain in the top trends for some time to come.

I’M A REAL MOVIE STAR! (Yoostar 2)

This video shows a form of comedy that would cater to a particular type of audience. While not everyone would relate to this content, it appears that there are many people who find it palatable. This is the reason why this video is trending, and the number of views keeps on increasing with each passing hour.

[Image via guardian]