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What would it be like if you could carry a table and set of stools around in a neat, tight package? To be able... Boxed Kit: Portable Office Furniture

What would it be like if you could carry a table and set of stools around in a neat, tight package? To be able to practically move your office wherever you want and work on your laptop while sitting comfortable at your desk in the middle of a park?

This may become possible sooner than you think, if a new project called Boxed enters mass production, thus taking another step towards making the traditional office a thing of the past.


Created by Scottish designer Tyron Stoddart, the Boxed kit looks just like a briefcase on the outside. But when you open it, you find various wooden bits and pieces that can be put together to create different items of furniture.

The kit is contains 24 pieces that can be easily assembled to create a height adjustable 2×2 foot desk or coffee table, two stools and a lamp. When you’re done with them, the pieces can be disassembled effortlessly and will neatly fit into a handy briefcase.

Boxed Kit: Portable Office Furniture

Stoddart designed the Boxed kit in an attempt to solve the issue of forever shrinking living spaces. He explained that as the size of our living space is decreasing, our products need to adjust as well and this is how he came up with the idea of multi-functional and adaptable furniture that can be packed into a portable kit.

Boxed was primarily designed for indoor use, but we think it would be great to use outdoors, provided that you use the portable office furniture in dry weather. The kit is made from ash wood, which makes it solid and functional.

boxed kit

But the project is also designed to be a lesson in conservation as Stoddart aims to educate people about ash dieback or Chalara, a dangerous disease that is killing ash trees.  To raise awareness about the issue, each Boxed briefcase will include a pouch of ash seeds, so that users can go out and plant them in order to give back what was used to make the kit.

Boxed is not yet available for purchase and Stoddart is looking for ways to start mass manufacturing the kits. What do you think of the project? Would you be interested in buying your own Boxed kit? Check out this video and let us know in the comments section!

Boxed from Tyrone Stoddart on Vimeo.

[Images via Gizmag]