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Net Power & Light have just announced the launch of Spin, which they say is the first mobile video communications experience capable of delivering truly... Spin For iOS Real Time HD Interactive Video

Net Power & Light have just announced the launch of Spin, which they say is the first mobile video communications experience capable of delivering truly immersive real-time ‘together’ experiences.  On closer inspection, I for one, am inclined to believe their claims.   NPL seem to be truly dedicated to delivering a new kind of powerful technology platform that gives people the freedom to have fun and connect on a deeper, more intuitive level than previous video calling apps have allowed.


Spin’s technology exceeds all quality benchmarks in the three main areas of audio, video and image.  To add to this, the interactivity is not too shabby either, making the Spin experience true to life, the technology itself almost seems to fade into the background.  With Spin, people get all the benefits of real-time mobile video communications coupled with fully synchronous photo and video viewing, along with fun animated emotion effects and more, all with the highest possible quality available in this day and age.

“We designed Spin’s technology platform from the ground up to amplify how people naturally act and engage when they’re deeply connected and together, whether it’s watching a big game, throwing a party or engaging with a favourite teacher, colleague or mentor…We call this Human Fidelity™ because it feels so immersive, so real, so true to life. Spin finally gives people the freedom to be themselves and have fun together while being fully mobile and without the distraction of technology.” said Tara Lemmey, CEO and co-founder of NPL.

Spin’s Human Fidelity™ delivers the best-combined audio, video, voice, image and touch quality that exists on the market. For example, with ultra wideband and 44 kHz, Spin’s audio is close to recording studio quality and with interface animation at 60 frames per second, the visual experience is light, cinematic and fluid, close to the highest quality High Definition TV. Spin connects up to 10 people simultaneously and, unlike other group video services which are available, the quality remains at a high level, no matter how many people are connected.

Spin is powered by a powerful technology platform that brings about the amazing advances in the ‘together’ experience. Spin allows several ways to get together in live Gathering™ sessions with up to 10 people. On Spin, people can bring in friends to a live Gathering right away or invite them to a planned event with a Spinvitation™. (I love that!)  Whilst in a Gathering, people can also show and watch YouTube videos together and with Group Remix™ people can share all the controls for pause, play, and rewind and fast-forward, and they can add their personal photos and videos from Facebook, Flickr or their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Multi-touch enables Gathering participants to zoom in, zoom out and flick through photos and videos, just as they would if they were physically together.

Spin also allows people to engage deeply with others and express themselves vividly. ListenUp™ is Spin’s audio mixing and attention management system.  With it people can divide their attention just as they do in life, simply by making Gathering participants larger to make them louder or smaller to make them quieter.  To amplify emotion during a Gathering, Spin features FXP™s (Fun Experiences), which let people ‘throw’ paper airplanes etc, and give standing ovations.  There is also a feature for the doodle happy, called ChalkTalk™, which enables people to doodle on shared photos and videos.


Spin is built on the powerful NPL LUX™ Operating Environment.  Spin was designed and tested for scale and has been piloted successfully with Harvard University, TED, and DC United. Spin is available for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch  at the Appstore.  For more information about the company, head over to

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SOURCE: Businesswire