Love beer? Check out Brewbot, an automated brewing system which allows amateur to pro craft brewers to concoct their own infusions with just the use of their smartphones. This drinking companion is partnered with an app that guides the user from the beginning of the brewing process to the end. Beer enthusiasts can add and perk up their concoctions through an iPhone app, transmitted through Bluetooth wireless technology and is controlled through Arduino.


This smart machine is created by Cargo, a multidisciplinary collective of developers and designers hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Brewbot can control and monitor one’s own concoction, making every DIY beer craftsman feel like a pro.

Cargo states that “the whole process is pretty simple.” The user can buy their preferred ingredients from a local or online shop. Then they can set up their recipe in Brewbot’s app and connect the iPhone to the Brewbot machine. Users can pick from pre-installed recipes and to start brewing, they only need to tap the “start brew” button. The Brewbot automatically mixes the beer for them, adding the exact amount of water to be heated and mixed with the grain inside the mashtun.


The pint-sized automatic brewing system is armed with temperature and load sensors, as well as flow meters to guide the user from the beginning to the end of the brewing process. Sensors assist the automatic program as the Brewbot communes with the iPhones wirelessly. The app in return supplies all the necessary instructions, such as adding the grain on the brewing day and the length of time the users have to wait for fermentation.

When it comes to numbers, the Brewbot can create 5 gallons of beer each batch. However, the device is also flexible as it allows batch sparging and non-sparging methods, circulating the water through the grain bed and reduces the brew time.

With Brewbeer, one can have a custom-made concoction made by the user, for the user. This item is available for purchase at