Netflix has gotten so big that even people from areas where it isn’t available know all about the service. It has even reached the point where new services are being labeled “the Netflix of [niche]“. Speaking of which, there’s a new kid on the block, which is being dubbed the Netflix for kids. It’s still in the same niche, but geared towards children.

Hopster: The Netflix For Kids

We all know very well the importance of curating the media consumption of children. With online dangers being quite real, and with kids being impressionable, it is imperative that parents and guardians involve themselves in the how and what of kids’ viewing.

That’s where Hopster comes into the picture.

The company plans to launch in the UK next month, with the promise that its offerings will be solely for kids, giving parents the peace of mind that arises from the knowledge that their kids can’t access unsuitable material.

Hopster is going to be an iOS app, which will feature not only kids’ TV shows but also interactive games. The service will be offered for a fee, which has not yet been disclosed. The idea, though, is to make it competitive as compared to ‘rivals’ Amazon and Netflix.

It can be argued that these services have their own shows geared towards kids, but we know that they have more offerings that are not suitable for those young minds. With Hopster, there will be a more-than-viable alternative for parents who want their children to be exposed to media, but are concerned about the suitability of the content.



Another good thing is that they aim to deliver an ad-free experience. Included in the fee, of course. While ads are not “bad” per se, they can hinder the viewing experience, and you don’t want ads that may not fit kids as well.

We have yet to find out all the details about Hopster and exactly what they will offer, but things are looking good.

[Image via Hopster]