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How many times have you been in a hotel that boasts ‘free Wi-Fi’, you get up to your room and the connection is…. Barely... Hotel Wi-Fi Cheat: Say Goodbye To Bad Connections

How many times have you been in a hotel that boasts ‘free Wi-Fi’, you get up to your room and the connection is…. Barely there at all. What a nightmare. Sometimes though, hotels just don’t think about this, it’s hard to imagine in this day and age where almost everybody has at least one mobile internet device. For those who don’t want to find themselves in this situation, there’s a handy little hotel Wi-Fi cheat that will allow you to turn your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot so you can connect your other devices to it, or you can use a portable pocket router.

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Ethernet The Savior

So the trick is really quite simple, when you get to the hotel room, look for the Ethernet cable. There will almost certainly be one there. Once you’ve found it, either hook it up to your pocket router if you have one and you’ll be good to connect all your devices to it or alternatively, connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop.

Once you’ve done this you can got to your systems settings and choose to “share your connection” via Ethernet “To computers using” the Ethernet option. Once the sharing option is set up you will be able to use your laptop as a hotspot for your smart phone, tablet and any other device you have.

Why Would You Need To?

Why would you need to turn your own laptop into a hotspot with the Ethernet cable? Well for one, if you’re in a foreign country, roaming charges are pretty steep so you would always prefer to use the hotel Wi-Fi where possible. By using the Ethernet, you’re essentially cutting out the middle man to the hotel’s internet connection so you’re likely to have better speeds.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Ethernet?

If there isn’t an Ethernet cable there, then unfortunately you’ll have to stick with the slow hotel Wi-Fi or get out and about to use a local internet café. But it’s definitely always worth checking for that Ethernet cable whenever you travel.

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